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  • Subhash Kumar Yadav
    Subhash Kumar Yadav

    Who is here after India's greatest won at Gabba?

  • Aritra Karmakar
    Aritra Karmakar

    best ever ....

  • Saurav_ Karmakar
    Saurav_ Karmakar

    Pant has done the same job for us . Jai hind ❤️🇮🇳



  • Anish Reddy
    Anish Reddy


  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    I am getting real sick of who is here after x ? Who is here after y? Like mate just no. They are as annoying as those calender comments on music videos.


    This ground looks so small

  • SSthegamer 27
    SSthegamer 27

    14:48 cheater umpire

  • Niranjan D
    Niranjan D

    Technically Australia won this game if its not for Tim Paine's arrogance. That was a stupid review.

  • Khan Sahab
    Khan Sahab

    13:55 😲😲

  • Mahesh Sonawane
    Mahesh Sonawane

    Who remembered this match instantly after yesterday's test win against Australia

  • Muhammad Irtaza
    Muhammad Irtaza

    This match still gives goosebumps

  • Dixit jethava
    Dixit jethava

    INfun recommend this after India's Legendary win over Australia.😂



  • Sagar Rahar
    Sagar Rahar

    Wating for india tour

  • Story Man
    Story Man

    After 14 yrs. Eng won with one wicket

  • Vats pk
    Vats pk

    2:25 Welcome to EA sports

  • jagan Mohan
    jagan Mohan

    Australia did not lose because of Ben Stokes . . Australia lost because of Australia

  • Saket Kandharkar
    Saket Kandharkar

    pattinson man. smashed a lot

  • Vignesh Varadhan
    Vignesh Varadhan

    Who is here after Ind defeat Aus at Gabba 2021

  • karthik gts
    karthik gts

    Lyon dropped the ashes who agree hit like ?

  • Mohd Ali Gulshan
    Mohd Ali Gulshan

    ZABARDAS empring

  • ajaz rizvi
    ajaz rizvi

    Ambati could have finished the game But there is a man Who Multiples time did Such thing not taking runs I don't know why he used to do that 6 or 7 times in the last over he did that which cost tha match

  • Channel Cricket 2
    Channel Cricket 2

    Every time I see this match I get goosebumps

  • Mukul Devadwal
    Mukul Devadwal

    England is lucky...


    U r taati cricket

  • Aditya Mahalle
    Aditya Mahalle

    Even highlights can give u goosebumps knowing the result..Thats the legacy of this match..long live Test Cricket..

  • Sagar Gupta Vlogs
    Sagar Gupta Vlogs

    The Last "legit" L.B.W appeal denied by the umpire is the only speck which made this victory a bit "not great". Otherwise it's the greatest win indeed.

  • Sourav S P
    Sourav S P

    Anyone after India vs Aus 4th test on 2021

  • Mashoor Lodhi
    Mashoor Lodhi


  • Chiru Smile
    Chiru Smile

    14:34 even a kid can say that it is out,, I feel very very very very sad 😰😔😩😭 for Lyon and Australia 🦘🦘

  • Devnarayan Anand
    Devnarayan Anand

    5:25 wtf?

  • Protima Nath
    Protima Nath

    Fack Sri Lanka

  • Sudhir panday
    Sudhir panday

    Wow best mstch

  • Naveen Nirmal
    Naveen Nirmal

    Ye chutiya umpire kon tha?


    Ben is my heart


    Who are here after india vs aus do you think ind vs aus is best

  • Stranger's Scar
    Stranger's Scar

    Anyone after India's win in Gabba....

  • Immanuel M
    Immanuel M

    Missed opportunity for India

  • Pmw Mahesh
    Pmw Mahesh

    Aus vs left hand batsman's=🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥stock,washington sundar,Pant😎

  • Abhiram Balla
    Abhiram Balla

    This is similar India vs Australia 1st Test match at Adelaide Oval where India bundled 36 all out becoming worst figures in 21st century

  • Ankit Marwah
    Ankit Marwah

    Who is here after Pant's Masterclass 89* at Gaba

  • itz praba
    itz praba

    I can watch this all day 🥰

  • Sachin Pandit
    Sachin Pandit

    I watched it live

  • Gurveer Singh Dhillon
    Gurveer Singh Dhillon

    Guys what about India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 victory at gabba and demolition of fortress gabba

  • Everything Here
    Everything Here

    love from India I love England team in cricket

  • jai kumar
    jai kumar

    Tremendous victory

  • Traveller Of Titanic
    Traveller Of Titanic

    0:15 background music 🤣🤣🤣 like Hollywood movies

  • praveen kk
    praveen kk

    Aussies still not learning the mistakes

  • Tommy Phillips
    Tommy Phillips

    This happened to Cheteshwar Pujara on the last day of the Gabba test, and he was fine. It shows how much helmets have improved.

  • Mr. Debiddo
    Mr. Debiddo

    Muttaiyah Muralitharan is the best bawler than other

  • arnab chakraborty
    arnab chakraborty

    england cricket board full of indian fans lol

  • Sankalan Chanda
    Sankalan Chanda

    Here after India won the BGT in Gabba.

  • Varun

    Here after 20-21 Border Gavaskar Trophy

  • Mueez Ali
    Mueez Ali

    Pakistan does not learn from its mistakes, the sad part is that this exact same England side is humiliating Pakistan over and over again. They already lost an ODI series to England and instead of showing some improvements in this series they still struggle. No improvements at all. It's the same stuff against Australia and New Zealand they played them so many times and lost many times no improvements have been shown in beaten a big team in an ODI series. Every year, same stuff from Pakistan. Disgusting!!!

  • Sonu Pratap
    Sonu Pratap

    Morgan is very best player

  • P K
    P K

    Glenn Maxwell best all rounder Australia Glenn Maxwell ke liye ek ladki jarur Karen

  • P K
    P K

    Jaspreet bumrah ke liye ek like jarur Karen 🏫🏫🏫🏫🧿🧿🧿🧿🕡🕡🕡

  • A D
    A D

    Stoke one man army

  • Dinesh Phalwadiya
    Dinesh Phalwadiya

    Wow just awesome ❤️

  • StephanYT

    Who is After GABBA Test Match ❤️❤️

  • regina prabhu
    regina prabhu

    The commentator mentioned that Lyon not only dropped the ball, he has also dropped the ashes... What a statement..!

  • abhishek kr
    abhishek kr

    infun.info/http/v-iy/n6CHopx-yX2bfaM.html. 🙏. 👍 👍 👍 👍👍

  • sanjay biradar
    sanjay biradar


  • Ratna Chatterjee
    Ratna Chatterjee

    I dont understand how the new teams are putting pressure on the oldest team in cricket (England) I'm Amused is it because of good luck or what someone pls tell me I'm confused

  • Saud Arshad
    Saud Arshad

    3rd IT20

  • steven raja
    steven raja

    After IND VS AUS Match,I think it debatable as to which one is the greatest match and series of all time .

    • steven raja
      steven raja

      @Ashiqur Rahaman loude I don't understand hindi 😂😂

    • Ashiqur Rahaman
      Ashiqur Rahaman

      Chaman chutiye yehi hain best

  • Hmm Hmmm
    Hmm Hmmm

    16.37 Iam here for this man...😭😭

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    When eng loss no video makes

  • shardul bhosale
    shardul bhosale

    1:40 for real? beauty my man!

  • regina prabhu
    regina prabhu

    Who is after India's magical and historical win in Gabba????

  • Rama Krishna
    Rama Krishna

    There is not even a single person in the support staff or the coaching staff to assist him on how to play those deliveries....this is rather mentally got affected than technique...Someone should have spoke to him instead they were all posing for Amazon prime documentary 🤦‍♂️

  • Akshay J
    Akshay J

    Now the greatest of all test match is taken over by Ind vs AUS Brisbane 19jan2021.India wins against all the odds.

    • Ashiqur Rahaman
      Ashiqur Rahaman

      Chaman chutiye no..yehi best hain

  • Su dharam Menashi
    Su dharam Menashi


  • Pradeep Raj
    Pradeep Raj

    Yuvi's six sixes reminds me of an episode in my school days. One day the school attender came to my class with a slip of paper and asked the teacher for me. The teacher asked who Pradeep was and told me that the Principal wants to see me. The whole class made a terrified sound. The attender kept asking me angrily why on earth does the Principal wants to see me. It was due to a stupid mistake i had done. He made me wait for a long time due to a lot of meetings he had that day. Then he spoke to me and said that he wanted to forgive me but because i didn't come to him when he asked me to, he is going to punish me. Then he walked upto his cupboard and pulled out a long cane. He asked me to bend on a sick chair next to the cupboard. That chair was used ONLY for treatment purposes. We had to bend and put our hands in the armrest of that sick chair. I also bent over. He gave me six straight hot whackings on my bums. The chamber echoed with the sounds of the cane cutting my bums He again warned me after caning me and then allowed me to leave. With tears in my eyes and one hand rubbing my burning butts i left his chamber. Once i reached the classroom all my classmates crowded around me cos the bell rang and it was time for lunch break. All were eager including girls to know how i got caned. My classmates told me to go home and check out my bum in the mirror and see the marks.

  • Hassan ch
    Hassan ch


  • Clutchboy Jagat
    Clutchboy Jagat

    Then England now india destroyed ausies

  • Ranjith MG
    Ranjith MG

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Indians: Who is here after India breached Australia's pride at Gabba?

  • Ankit Rai
    Ankit Rai

    This match should have been won by Australian but that umpire decision was horrible .

  • Chirag Ladavia
    Chirag Ladavia

    17:10 Nathan Lyon has same reaction as Rishabh Pant finished test Series with four.