Australia Earn Consolation Win Despite Brilliant Rashid | England v Australia 3rd Vitality IT20 2020
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  • England & Wales Cricket Board
    England & Wales Cricket Board

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    • Darshan Kaur
      Darshan Kaur

      @Cricketfan849 x

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma

      3rd t20???


      Its third T20 but u mentioned as 2nd T20 change it

    • Mymuna Shake
      Mymuna Shake

      @Akash Singh ef

    • Raheel Malik Official
      Raheel Malik Official

      your video title is wrong u write 2nd vitality it20,this is third vitality it20

  • Riskan mohammed
    Riskan mohammed

    Steve Smith fould

  • Sukumar Panigrahi
    Sukumar Panigrahi


  • Abdulhusain Dohadwala
    Abdulhusain Dohadwala

    IPL lost a tonne by not having the greatest leg spinner of our time ADIL RASHID in it!

  • CricBoy

    Jisko bhi ipl ka live streaming INfun pr free me dekhna hai to hamare channel se jud jaye. Ipl start hone tak aapko hum daily Cricket news denge. Aur ipl start hone ke bad free me star sports 1 Hindi channel ka live stream hoga. Ye channel pr sirf ipl ki hi live streaming hogi baki kisi tournament ke nhi hogi..

  • Sidekickbottom

    This is 3rd t20

  • U U Official
    U U Official

  • Srikanth Reddy
    Srikanth Reddy

    Why is there no comment about the wrong title of the video?

  • Rohail s bara
    Rohail s bara

    Australia no.1 best team

  • Rohail s bara
    Rohail s bara

    Aus best cricket team of the world

  • Emma Flowers Channel
    Emma Flowers Channel

  • A Small Cup Happiness
    A Small Cup Happiness

    यदि आप Humare वीडियो और विचारों को पसंद करते हैं। कृपया हमारे आधिकारिक INfun चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें। चैनल नाम- एक छोटा कप खुशी

  • Bear

    Moeen was Captain yay

  • Q

    Adil Rashid.Moeen Ali nice. I like you

  • Kanchan parte Parte
    Kanchan parte Parte

    Brilliant captaincy of Mo

  • Raziya Sultana
    Raziya Sultana

    which music album it is in starting

  • Nagina Maurya
    Nagina Maurya

  • Ishaan Khanna
    Ishaan Khanna

    4:51 that delivery 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Karthik Easvur
    Karthik Easvur

    It's 3rd T20... Title says 2nd T20

  • Cubed Fox
    Cubed Fox

    Shouldn't it be 3rd T20 not 2nd T20?

  • Anil Digitech
    Anil Digitech

    Maahi Maar Rha Hai....💪💪💪💪💪

  • Abul Hasan
    Abul Hasan

    Why Moeen Ali the captain of England. As England played the match with first t20squad England win.

  • You know Who
    You know Who

    This is the highlights of 3rd t20 got me all confused .

  • ᐯiper乡 Maxi❶࿐
    ᐯiper乡 Maxi❶࿐

    Agar looked good in every game ..that guy really played well

  • Techno Gamerz
    Techno Gamerz

    Literally the 1 percentage people's who reading may you parents more than 👍💯 with good health..

  • secret video Bangladesh
    secret video Bangladesh

  • Suhas Paranjpe
    Suhas Paranjpe

    Why 😭 England why let #Aussies win .. tiny Babies #Warner #looser

  • M. Rahim
    M. Rahim

    It touched the boundaries rope

  • Jackson Pastoor
    Jackson Pastoor

    Consolation win? Retained the number one world ranking in T20’s.

  • Sujal Kashid
    Sujal Kashid

    Ashton Agar is the left handed version of Nathan Lyon.

  • S.Praveen Thala
    S.Praveen Thala

  • 5k subscribe without any Video challenge
    5k subscribe without any Video challenge

    "When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, Show life that you have a 1000 reasons to smile😀😀 😀

  • Sona Sonu
    Sona Sonu

    Moenali is also playing good now a days. Despite he was in odi 2019 worldcup

  • Jabba Fut
    Jabba Fut

    Maxwell is the biggest plonker

  • David M
    David M

    Having the nerve to call this win a consolation shows how thick and pigheaded the ECB is. Your WC win was on a technicality how could you possibly have the nerve to criticise other teams while you go round claiming England are world champs when every cricket fan knows that Eoin Morgan and the rest of the team were to sackless to ask for another super over. Will forever be known as the team that doesn't deserve it.

  • humungous09

    Moeen Ali incompetent in stand-in captaincy role.

  • Ahsan Ali
    Ahsan Ali

    Not 2ND T20 This Is 3RD T20.

  • Mani Teja
    Mani Teja

    It's 3rd vitality t20 blast, not 2nd, "England and whales cricket board".

  • Abbottabad cricket talent
    Abbottabad cricket talent

  • Sakthi Madavan
    Sakthi Madavan

    I expected 200 from the series but it is a low scoring series

  • Shah Ali Hasan
    Shah Ali Hasan

  • gaurav vashu
    gaurav vashu

    I'm excited to see the match Kl Rahul vsEng. 🥰🥰🥰Kl fans like👈👇

  • Akhil Vadakkupurath
    Akhil Vadakkupurath

    Look Smith's left leg touching the rope while he taking the catch of Ali

  • prajakt0789

    English team appears ordinary without Morgan.

  • abu thaheer
    abu thaheer

    moeen ali not out man..😬😬

  • Akil Mansuri
    Akil Mansuri

    Adil Rashid is best leg spinner for england.

  • Taha Shahid
    Taha Shahid

    3rd t20

  • sports shot
    sports shot

    Score lines of the series tells that crowd was a missing factor by a big margin


    Ha England lost

  • Siddhartha Poshala
    Siddhartha Poshala

    Everyone coming to watch highlights. Me: coming for initial BGM

  • Zeeshan

    Caaaatch! Oh ha ha.

  • Saurav Tiwari
    Saurav Tiwari

    England is the worst team ever i seen

  • Jio World Tech
    Jio World Tech

    Eng win the series by 2-1

  • Arham 0909
    Arham 0909

    Why after 10 over Australia aren t able to play with good strike same thing happen in 1st T20 match

  • Kavitha Reddy
    Kavitha Reddy

    Finch is the best

  • Veeranjaneyulu Bhimanadhuni
    Veeranjaneyulu Bhimanadhuni

    Shot of the series by wade

  • Mine of Technology Plus
    Mine of Technology Plus

    braisto is the great batsman in world

  • bodla entertainment
    bodla entertainment

  • hkr hkr
    hkr hkr

    I think Australia will win the odi series

  • Kelli

    Seriously poor fielding in this game


    All the best adil rashid moin ali & sakib mamood

  • Ginger Sports With Sohaib
    Ginger Sports With Sohaib

    Malan Underrated #gingersports

  • Digital Quran And Hadith
    Digital Quran And Hadith

    Kis kisko lga k ye empire bik gye h😂😂

  • RJ Gaming channel
    RJ Gaming channel

    Excellent match

  • RJ Gaming channel
    RJ Gaming channel


  • Digital Quran And Hadith
    Digital Quran And Hadith

    More than 99 percent comments from india and pakistan 👍👍🤘🎉🎉

  • Digital Quran And Hadith
    Digital Quran And Hadith

    Me:kya chal rha h Le ECB Comments box:Smith shoes touch the 2:47😂😂😂👍👍

  • Jefferson Thongni
    Jefferson Thongni

    Steven Smith is not a t20 player

  • Maka snipes
    Maka snipes

    Adil rawhide the man

  • Thal Creations
    Thal Creations

    2% Of People Who Are Watching This Comment, I Wish Their Parents Still Alive For More Than 100 Years ,👍❤ God Bless You......😇😘💕❤

  • Джонти Вики
    Джонти Вики

    Who is better bowler?? Like for Starc and comment for Archer 👇👇

  • Jyoti Mondal
    Jyoti Mondal

    Its 3 rd IT20 not 2nd IT20

  • Taimoor Tariq
    Taimoor Tariq

  • Taimoor Tariq
    Taimoor Tariq

  • Gagan Sood
    Gagan Sood

    England lost because there fielding was very poor

  • world champion
    world champion

    Moin ali doing good captaincy

  • Kassa Collections
    Kassa Collections

  • world champion
    world champion

    Moin ali is not out

  • Malak Chhina
    Malak Chhina

    Ali wasn’t out smith touching the boundary while ball in hands

  • Sarla Devi Kushwaha
    Sarla Devi Kushwaha

    If you all notice that which T20I is this they have written 2ndT20I Instead of 3rd T20I

  • Abdullah Wasim
    Abdullah Wasim

    Steve Smith, once a cheat, always a cheat. Bloody hate him...

  • Mirza Baig
    Mirza Baig

    Morgen and buttler have not played why. England give gift this match to australia

  • End is Near[BLACKFLAG]
    End is Near[BLACKFLAG]

    Moin Ali not out just notice this scene replay

  • Fahad Raza
    Fahad Raza

    I think Moeen Ali's catch was a six!

  • jaya prakash
    jaya prakash

    Anil kumbles presence will help Maxwell overcome his struggles...for sure..!!!

  • ATG GamerZ
    ATG GamerZ

    Its Third T20 edit the Mistake @England & Whales



  • Pamith Kodikara
    Pamith Kodikara

    all the hype about Maxwell, quite an overrated player

  • CADable

    Moeen's captaincy let them down. He only bowled one over??

  • Gagan Deep
    Gagan Deep

    good control aussi bowling🤘🤙

  • T SAJID Official valug
    T SAJID Official valug

  • Shoaib Shaikh
    Shoaib Shaikh


  • Joy D Saha
    Joy D Saha

    Adil drifting ball nicely

  • sun witness
    sun witness

    ആദിൽ റാഷിദ്💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • sun witness
    sun witness

    Adil rashid💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Vinay m
    Vinay m

    2:50 how was it out? He touched the rope . That's a 6

    • Vinay m
      Vinay m

      @THE FONDIES tho math karo na spam


      @Vinay m bhai jan bujkar galat spelling likhe hain.kyunki comment box mein agar channel ki promotion karein toh INfun hme spam samjhta hai aur channel ki reach kam ho jati hai

    • Vinay m
      Vinay m

      @THE FONDIES I was gonna check the channel but put some respect on the names buddy Spell it correctly -_-


      plz don't checkk latest 2 videoes of my channel😭,ro ro k bura hal ho jaega,they are about yuveraje singgi and ms dhenioii😭

  • Isbat Ul Kareem
    Isbat Ul Kareem

    Bt he takes wicket of cowli🤣 everytime at 99

  • Lokesh Sharma
    Lokesh Sharma

    The fielding turned out to be the difference between the sides today. Australia's catching was exceptional, the ground fielding was spot on too, but England spilled catches, the throws were wide and a few fumbles too. Most importantly two drops of marsh made them lose the game.

  • Zehrila Creation
    Zehrila Creation

  • Robin S Kishore
    Robin S Kishore

    The name should read Third T20 instead of second ?