Crawley Hits Stylish 53 Before Abbas Takes 2 | England v Pakistan 2nd Test Day 5 2020
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Watch the best moments from Day 5 of the 2nd Test between England and Pakistan at the Ageas Bowl.
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  • shafaq hashir
    shafaq hashir

    pakistani bowlers destroy rory burns career

  • Aadam Akram
    Aadam Akram

    4:48 know wonder Mohammad Rizwan is wearing a helmet

  • Mohammed Umais Ahmed Yasmeen
    Mohammed Umais Ahmed Yasmeen

    Who love cricket

  • Syco Boys
    Syco Boys


  • Alan Hirst
    Alan Hirst

    Take a knee = lose fan's good bye.

  • mahad bajwa
    mahad bajwa

    I subscribed ECB ( England and Wales cricket board is subscribed by me)

  • Mrthemali XHaH
    Mrthemali XHaH

    What a ball by Azhar 4:50

  • B.G. Nagar
    B.G. Nagar

    इंशाह allah boys played well

  • Farhan Raghib
    Farhan Raghib

    What happened can anyone explain Why Azhar is smiling

  • Kasiar Mueen
    Kasiar Mueen

    G g h g j f2f n c'mon :) v b f2f McDonald's

  • Irfan Dar
    Irfan Dar

    Weldone Abbas

  • fiddlestickz muzik
    fiddlestickz muzik

    Honestly the best part of that package was the smiles between opponents at the end, it's amazing how these small things can feel so big in your heart.

  • avinash soni
    avinash soni

    Looks like whole Pakistan team is bowling 😲

  • WaheedHK Movies
    WaheedHK Movies

    Wow what a match👇

  • Angel vs Jaani
    Angel vs Jaani

    Crawly has KP's gestures while playing some shots👍

  • sajid Ali
    sajid Ali

    Root smile was pure. Mann he has a great personality and no wonder he is this successful that every team plan to their best of ability to get him out. He is truly inspiring

  • Amaan ullha amaan ullah
    Amaan ullha amaan ullah

    5:10 l like your smile abbad

  • Taimoor Shakeel
    Taimoor Shakeel

    4:55 great moment

  • Taimoor Shakeel
    Taimoor Shakeel

    Abbas is so accurate

  • joshely golden
    joshely golden

    Pakistani prinda 🇵🇰 love

  • Videos for You
    Videos for You

    Commentator: both sides shake hands Me: is that what u call shaking hands?

  • Muhammad Naeem
    Muhammad Naeem

    love u Pakistan love u England

  • Awan Khan
    Awan Khan

    Keep it up Pakistan

  • jog, spirit, motivation and u
    jog, spirit, motivation and u

  • Legends Era
    Legends Era

    Dhoni is kgf wala rocky in cricket We will miss him😑😑😑 Mene dhoni ke upar kgf style tribute video banaya hai dekhlo

  • Raja Cutelicious
    Raja Cutelicious

    ECB plz change the venue for 3rd test match

  • Deepak Pokhriyal
    Deepak Pokhriyal

    Pakistan ki har ko barish ne bacha diya

  • ShinyNRS

    What a partnership between rain and badlights! Throughout the five days no one could outplay them. Well played! They deserved to win! 👍

  • ShinyNRS

    That is what happens when you bring Crawley back!

  • Bisweswar Sen Chowdhury
    Bisweswar Sen Chowdhury

    Azhar, here's some advice - get lean make shoulders strong add 20-30 KMs pace boom, giving Broad, Starc, Bumrah, Boult a run for their money

  • Umar Ali
    Umar Ali


  • venkat sudharsan
    venkat sudharsan

    is it just me or does anyone see the ball touching the bat a bit n getting deflected at 0.50?

  • Abdus salam Khaan
    Abdus salam Khaan

    Mother chod k bacho.. Dkhny aata koe nae match.. Stadium khaali para ha r ye naaray laga rahy hain

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq

    Azhar Ali will be the main bowler in final test.

  • Arbaj Shaikh
    Arbaj Shaikh

    Khuda ka SukRa Bano Pakistaniyon Kyun ki Is Bar to Barish ne BachaaLyaHein' 😆😆😆😆

  • jimmy O'driscoll
    jimmy O'driscoll

    Put 50p in the light meter and we might play CRICKET get it sorted OUT it pissssssst me of PAK did not come to ENG to sit in the shared's.😠😠😠

  • vivek pandey
    vivek pandey

  • Ziyad Muhammed
    Ziyad Muhammed

    Who winner this match

  • abdullah Butt
    abdullah Butt

    Man of the match azhar ali 😁😁😁

  • Malik Faizan
    Malik Faizan

    Azhar was shying like some ristai walay has comed to see him..

    • Momina Hussain
      Momina Hussain


  • Degeneration X
    Degeneration X

    England owes this match to pakistan..

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    Captain of legends msd

  • s123

    Its BS holding any cricket in england! dissappointing! Its either rain or bad light. england should tour pakistan. No problem of this rain non sense and plenty of light. Maza aajayega!

  • विकास त्यागी
    विकास त्यागी

    Please mention innings and day number everything looks puzzle

  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes

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  • Aryan Streamer Sidheart army
    Aryan Streamer Sidheart army

  • Social Tv
    Social Tv

    Rain is the third team

  • hindu kafir
    hindu kafir

    Jhatka dete pakistani

  • s. s. sefraguwar
    s. s. sefraguwar

    That last bowl Wow 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Sobha Singh
    Sobha Singh

    sportmanship was the best to see at the end although after 2 days of badlight and rain.. #EngVSPak

  • Samya Chatterjee
    Samya Chatterjee

    Good fight by both teams but rain won this time. Pakistan will regret losing in Manchester... It'll be difficult for them to level this series..

  • Kartik RAJ Chauhan
    Kartik RAJ Chauhan

    Aisi conditions me To Purani Pakistani Bowling line up G Marleti Angrezo ki 😅😅😅😅 Azhar Ali tak ki bowl Swing hori hai to Unki kya hoti phir For batsman it is a nightmare

  • Sheroz Patni
    Sheroz Patni

    Pakistan hi jeeta ga

  • Nikhil Patel
    Nikhil Patel

    Although the rain has ruined the match, you’ve got to admire the pakistani fielders chat in the field. Constantly praising and supporting each other.

  • Hassam ulhaq
    Hassam ulhaq

    Azher ali good bowling

  • aminalone

    The odds for this game were crazy

  • Qaisar Iqbal
    Qaisar Iqbal

    Well bowl azhar good support by butler moment of the series

  • Priyanshu Paul
    Priyanshu Paul


    • Samir Paul
      Samir Paul




  • Baba Q
    Baba Q

    Poor keeper rizwan

  • Aabid Nazir
    Aabid Nazir

    The last moment was probably the best part of this test match ❤️❤️

  • Pawan Arora
    Pawan Arora

    Only one ball for ajhar ali and 1k comment wow🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Raam Jaane
    Raam Jaane

    Test matches should be of 5 days its OK. But one thing... Keep only one innings for each team instead of two. This way it will be much interesting and will get 90% of test matches with a result. #icc #cricket

  • Fayyaz Akbar
    Fayyaz Akbar

    Pakistan should improve fielding and bowling.

  • Kamran Awan
    Kamran Awan

    Icc should ban cricket in England 😡

  • sachin shukla
    sachin shukla

    Bring back sarafarz.. We love his enthusiasm 🎉🔥

  • waited

    marvellous delivery by Azhar ali at thr very end.

  • Hasan Matloob
    Hasan Matloob

    That single Azhar Ali delivery forced England into declaration. Just imagine the fear on thier faces if he is part of Pakistan attack for the next Test. Lol

  • Pankaj Thapar
    Pankaj Thapar

    Test championship final should be shifted to some other country because it’s always raining here which gives advantage to England and it is the worst place to play cricket

  • Allen Sebastian
    Allen Sebastian

    Zack Crawley's style reminds me of KP

  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    Azhar Ali's ball looked as if it was bowled by Anderson

  • Rawal Lekhraj
    Rawal Lekhraj

    Dear keeper, first learn basic then do show off

  • Sameer Khowaja
    Sameer Khowaja

    pakistan will come hard in next test match inshallah

  • Arvind chauhan
    Arvind chauhan China ki badmaashi Dekho... kaise zulm kar raha hai Muslims pe

  • Ajit Shinde
    Ajit Shinde

    Bosd valo match thi kya y or highlight dal rhe ho ecb if u know about forcast condition then why do play this match in Southampton stadium. #icc&ecb shame on u. After long time we need to saw Cricket continuos. Plz do not play next match because we do not loos days for bad wheather rain stop play and bad light🤬

  • sarath siva
    sarath siva

    Pakistan should have taken amir or Junaid in team

  • Maya Shukla
    Maya Shukla

    Now england won the series because of the rain in the test

  • Narendra Kumar
    Narendra Kumar

    England will win the series 2-0

  • crazy 4 Pakistan
    crazy 4 Pakistan see how pakistan defeated corona

  • Anis Ahmed
    Anis Ahmed

    Craly may be next Pietersen

  • Chain Singh
    Chain Singh

    Only making fools to public. What could be the story of senseless match?????


    Love to watch last ball and the brotherhood and greatness of cricket

  • Dev Raghuwanshi
    Dev Raghuwanshi

    Sibley was play like cook.

  • Desh Ki Mati
    Desh Ki Mati

    Jis kisi ko 5k subscribe chahiye to mere photo Ko teach karo aur mere channel Ko subscribe karo support do support lo ji...

  • khan khan
    khan khan

    just see the smile Of azhar ali

  • Babar Azam 56 Official
    Babar Azam 56 Official

    Only 134.3 overs were thrown overall five days

  • Babar Azam 56 Official
    Babar Azam 56 Official

    Most common word in this series so for Richard you are on screen Stay with your original decision

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    Wicket keepers: yeahhhh! Pak WK : ahhh haaa haa oooo huuuu huuuu ..

  • Prashant Gayki
    Prashant Gayki

    Very very well played Crawly for superb fight back against Pakistan.

  • Awish Hamza
    Awish Hamza

    MOM: the last ball and last smile.

  • HR's world
    HR's world

    man of the match

  • Jaden Lawrence
    Jaden Lawrence

    Player of the day: Rain

  • Naeem Asghar
    Naeem Asghar

    Rain rain and rain Cricket in vain

  • Sushil Shrestha
    Sushil Shrestha

    Worried abt the 3rd test. Is there going to be rain again ?


    Definitely this is Pakistan match


    Bad luck for Pakistan

    • Momina Hussain
      Momina Hussain

      Like always.

  • rana shb
    rana shb

    High class bowling from Pakistan side... Abbas did unplayable deliviries

  • Raheel Khawar
    Raheel Khawar

    Great bowler Abbas

  • SAFI designing
    SAFI designing

    Pakistan won the macth in real ! 😪😪😪

  • Abe Bakchod
    Abe Bakchod

    Bhai log mai roasting video banata hu dekh lo 1 baar plz