Day 2 Highlights | Crawley Scores Huge Double Ton & Buttler 152 | England v Pakistan 3rd Test 2020
Watch match highlights of Day 2 from the 3rd Test between England and Pakistan at the Ageas Bowl.
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  • Fabian F.
    Fabian F.

    What sportsmanship from pakistan after crawley making over 250 runs

  • Rojon Rojon
    Rojon Rojon

    The youngest England cricketer who breaked the record of stokes

  • cricketer tej
    cricketer tej

    10:25 Rabindra Jadeja 😂

  • Surendra Manjalkar
    Surendra Manjalkar

    Great innings

  • Imbruhed

    After crawley got out Pakistani players appreciated him that is sportsmanship

  • rk93221

    1.29 minits speaking commentator name pls

  • Deepak Gusain
    Deepak Gusain

    0:31 OHHH JAFFA

  • Haridarsan T
    Haridarsan T

    Sensational batting by Crawley and Buttler

  • Deepak Gusain
    Deepak Gusain

    Crawly is a young legend

  • Anmol Magical
    Anmol Magical

    Pakistan cricket team be like: play every match like this that you are playing against India 😂😂😂😂

  • salem satoshi
    salem satoshi

    superman crawley like his style of play,weldone zak👍👍👍👍 from amsterdam🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Freaken Tintu
    Freaken Tintu

    World's luckiest man.

  • Daily chases
    Daily chases

    worst pakistan captaincy Azhar

  • Cricket Trends
    Cricket Trends

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar

    Babar ko virat se compare krne walo, soch samjh ke bola kro

  • brambedkar59

    Cmon put it in 60FPS, it's sport not soap opera.

  • anush vernekar
    anush vernekar

    He compensated all his mistakes in his last few games in this game 😜😜

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    Mcpherson Sullivan

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    • Mcpherson Sullivan
      Mcpherson Sullivan

      @hyena131 Are you mad

    • hyena131

      @Mcpherson Sullivan You have been reported and your many accounts are being monitored. This is a cricket video for cricket loversand you are not welcome here.

    BHAVYA SHARMA "Late queens" can also be savage ❤️😂👍🏻have a look

  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima

    Pakistan team has learned a lesson this tour "stay home stay safe"

    • Dua Fatima
      Dua Fatima


  • Kv Rao
    Kv Rao

    But now no one is thinking of James Anderson his wickets are on 599 in tests and now he is 38 years old no cricketer accept James Anderson and Imran Tahir had played till 37 - 38 or 39

  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima

    Pakistani bowlers shame on you just learn from fawad and asad

    • Dua Fatima
      Dua Fatima


  • Kv Rao
    Kv Rao

    I am remember Ian Bell from Zak Crawley good skills 22 year old

  • Madhavareddy Palikila
    Madhavareddy Palikila

    Another kp.. entered in.. England..crawely batting look

  • Pawan Beri vlogs
    Pawan Beri vlogs

    Cricketer lover . Thoko like👍

  • Tim Eades
    Tim Eades

    Abbas' face irritates me, dunno why - great to see him punched for a few boundaries


    Pilish eaar laike kr dijiye n pilish eaar men kisi se srt lgai is 1 mahina me 1000 sbskaraber kmplit krna is eaar helph krin pilish kmplit kr dijiye n

  • R K
    R K


  • James Tony
    James Tony

    MS Dhoni Unknown Facts-

  • The Pimpernel
    The Pimpernel

    Pakistans attack is pretty soft to be honest. They have trouble getting guys out after about 30 overs.


  • Blessed Life
    Blessed Life

    Crawley is batting style is almost like Kevin Peterson🙂

  • Ñïkhîl Üñìqúê Gãmīñg
    Ñïkhîl Üñìqúê Gãmīñg


  • GP

    BaRbEr HaZaM

  • Kanhaiya Lal
    Kanhaiya Lal

    मेहनत इतनी खामोशी से करो कि सफलता शोर मचा दे प्लीज् एक लाइक तो बनता है मुझे भी सब्सक्राइब करो प्लीज्

  • gaming studio 99
    gaming studio 99

    Highlights highlights highlights 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • muntzar hussain
    muntzar hussain

    Thankss frm Lahore Pakistan

    • muntzar hussain
      muntzar hussain

      @R K bhai kya kah ap na smju nhi ai

    • R K
      R K


  • Info Pedia plus
    Info Pedia plus

    Who are missing dhoni sir 😭😭😭please

  • Multiple Content
    Multiple Content

    Babar.....😜 Attention all world Babar only Babar not a other

  • Pillalamarri Sai kumar
    Pillalamarri Sai kumar

    They keep a separate highlight for Zak crawely



  • RR C
    RR C


    pakistan learn very long lesson

  • 100k Subscribers without any videos
    100k Subscribers without any videos

    Literally the 1% people who's reading.... May you parents live more than 100 year with good health ❤️💙💕me

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  • rajesh mahato
    rajesh mahato

    Fawad looking like ravinder jadeja

  • Patel Hanuman
    Patel Hanuman

    Fawad looks like Jadeja

    • R K
      R K

      Jadeja ke Papa Porkistan kab gaye?

  • Shubho Dey
    Shubho Dey

    I don't think but if anyday by chance, by chance abid ali scores a 100 while playing with china cricket team.......the celebration would be interesting to watch out for😂

  • Ali Rahman
    Ali Rahman

    Zak crawley wonderful double century .Looks like veterian from second world war.Excellent batting .Love from Pakistan

    • R K
      R K


  • chess with Dushyant Rana
    chess with Dushyant Rana

    प्राग्नांढ़ा और दिव्या ने शतरंज में किया कमाल पाकिस्तान को 4-2 से हराया वीडियो लिंक

  • youtube user
    youtube user

    ODI XI for Aus vs Eng 1. Warner 2. Finch(c) 3. Labuschagne 4. Smith 5. Stoinis/Marsh 6. Maxwell 7. Carey(wk) 8. Cummins(vc) 9. Starc 10. Hazlewood/Abott 11. Zampa What's yours?

  • Tech4U

    May all your parents live FOREVER💓 One Subscribe for Them❤❤

  • Mehta Hoque
    Mehta Hoque

    Every dislike made Pakistani fans😁😂😂😂

  • Asjad Ali Ali Butt
    Asjad Ali Ali Butt

    Ben stokes is my favourite player and also I am follow ben stokes batting style and celebrating style but iam sad because ben stokes is not play in this test

  • Mossad R&AW
    Mossad R&AW

    Anderson is 38 still bowling at 140 kmph. 👏👏👏


    What a innings Crawley #internationalcricketupdate

  • Britam Rai
    Britam Rai

    Kids are frustrating Legend Lion ANDERAON by silly dropping a catch😎😎

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • sujalteachgamer

    England is bat team Pakistan is good

  • Prem Mali
    Prem Mali

    Change title. It’s 3rd Test

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Mysterious दुनिया Hindi.
    Mysterious दुनिया Hindi.


  • Abdul Aleem
    Abdul Aleem

    It's not the first test It is a third test But in thumbnail write first test

  • Bhavesh H
    Bhavesh H

    10:19 Jadeja lite ... I think Fawad is looking like Jadeja...

  • rabbi bd
    rabbi bd

    Crawley is very good.... Anderson bowling at very good heat

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales



    Double Hundred so easy for him

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Rahul Satyarthi
    Rahul Satyarthi

    Zak Crawley is the English marnus labuschange

  • Bittu KR Shrivastav
    Bittu KR Shrivastav

    Pakistan's Virat scored 11......missed his century by 89 runs 😂🤣

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales



  • Vikash Singh Rajput
    Vikash Singh Rajput

    Pakistani and catching never mix well😂

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Rahul Satyarthi
    Rahul Satyarthi

    Stay home 🏡

  • Madhav Thakur
    Madhav Thakur

    7:32 why are they playing without bails??

  • Study at Glance
    Study at Glance

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    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Study at Glance
    Study at Glance

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  • Study at Glance
    Study at Glance

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  • Moazzam Saeed Khan
    Moazzam Saeed Khan

    Very GoodMorning. KHADIJA. KHAn

  • Ashutosh Shaw
    Ashutosh Shaw

    DISLIKE khaali peeli trailer (ananya struggling panday+ishaan khattar=NEPOTISM PRODUCT!!!!)

  • Jackcenzo 333
    Jackcenzo 333

    This is third test see the thumbnail First test 😂😁

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • I am your Subscriber
    I am your Subscriber

    For the 1% people who saw this may there family lives more than 100 year Please help me complete this challenge 🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Abhinavv SSVM
    Abhinavv SSVM

    We Rajasthan Royals fans certainly feel very proud to have Jos Butter in our side .

    • Abhinavv SSVM
      Abhinavv SSVM

      @sonu & tales😀

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Muhammad Khizar
    Muhammad Khizar

    Inshallah Pakistan will win, who want Pakistan to win comment Inshallah

  • Vinit Phatak
    Vinit Phatak

    Sometime Part time Bowlers are more useful are main strike bowlers

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales

  • Dixit Bansal
    Dixit Bansal

    Jo jo apne mom dad se pyar krta hai sirf vo hi like krega👇 unse pyar nhi krta sirf vo hi ignore krega💔💔..isliye jaldi se like kro👇👇

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    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • badger singh
    badger singh


  • Chanzeb Khan
    Chanzeb Khan

    Now pakistan will " Stay home stay safe "

  • sajeev as
    sajeev as

    Babar azam is so much overrated Comparing babar to king kohli is utter nonsense kohli is the best

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Aniket Birla
    Aniket Birla

    the title says 1st test?


    England cricket -it will be the 3rd test

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


    Finally the tried all the way but decieved CRAWLY with an illigeal delivery Common PAK u should be serious about te game

  • feel alive
    feel alive

    That's sportsmanship Pakistan players congratulating Zachs innings

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Ant Dipto
    Ant Dipto

    Hurrah I love England

  • Data Racing Lover
    Data Racing Lover

    name 1st test kyu rkha

  • Habib Ejaaz
    Habib Ejaaz

    Naseem abbas needs to be groom

  • jagdish varma
    jagdish varma

    At 11:40 he dropped the catch because the keeper is shouting, audience noise may not distract the player but a teammate shouting is ain't good when you're concentrating.

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Singga

    I am from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 & india 🇮🇳 but I love Pakistan 🇵🇰 team for me it’s the best team of world

  • Singga

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 is the best ever It’s not problem if they lost sometime

  • Sammy Das
    Sammy Das

    I am very sad that Zak Crawley missed his Triple Hundred.


    Well played by crawely and buttler

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales


  • Manoj Dissa
    Manoj Dissa

    Crawley's batting reminds me a lot about Barry Richards

  • Ben George
    Ben George

    I hope there is no rain for the last two days.

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales

      hope so

  • Shirmel Danielle
    Shirmel Danielle

    I love the show of sportsmanship when Pakistan players were congratulating Crawley as he was going off.

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales

      yup that is sportsmanship

  • rainy desert
    rainy desert

    Zack crawley will set new record in international cricket

    • sonu & tales
      sonu & tales