England v Pakistan 2nd IT20 | Captain Morgan Stars as England Win! | Vitality IT20 2020
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Watch match highlights of the 2nd IT20 between England and Pakistan at the Old Trafford.

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  • Sonu Pratap
    Sonu Pratap

    Morgan is very best player

  • Muaaz Adnan
    Muaaz Adnan


  • Ahtisham Ahtisham
    Ahtisham Ahtisham

    Plzzz make the long videos of highlights of England matches.plzzzzz and england is my no 1 team


    England fielding was very nice in aspect of picked the ball after touching the boundary😆😆😆

  • RJW

    Morgan and dhoni are best captains for there countrys❤️❤️

  • RJW

    Wow 😘😘 what a morgan

  • Mohammd Usama
    Mohammd Usama

    Pakistan ki achi baiting thi


      Eng ki bhi

  • Snehi Rishu 777
    Snehi Rishu 777

    That Backlift 💪 such a advantage 🔥

  • Sarbajit De
    Sarbajit De

    I support all the teams against Pakistan

  • Nabeel usman
    Nabeel usman

    hA DHJSADGFD V ........................................................................

  • Danial Malik
    Danial Malik

    This is probaly last international for amir

  • Simi's Fashion World
    Simi's Fashion World

    9:26 watch the wicket keeper in 0.25x speed lol🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂



  • Pratik s
    Pratik s

    Ye Hafiz yaha kheelata hai world cup me kya darata hai kya India se😂😂😂😂

  • bharat singh
    bharat singh

    Thanks Morgan

  • bharat singh
    bharat singh

    This only happened because if Morgan


    Pakistan bure may ghus gaya

  • Rahul rock Purbey
    Rahul rock Purbey

    Beta pak ind baap hai to eng vi bada uncle hai

  • Tonmoy Jyoti Borah
    Tonmoy Jyoti Borah

    Moen Ali shouldn't be in the squad

  • Vaseem Raja
    Vaseem Raja

    Morgan was irelanden played 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Vaseem Raja
      Vaseem Raja

      I am indian

  • Munir Maseed
    Munir Maseed

    My all time 11 1:babar Azam 2:Rohit Sharma 3:virat Kohli 4:Steve Smith 5: Kane Williamson 6:ben Stokes 7: Daved Miller 8: Glenn Maxwell 9: Rashid Khan 10:Shaheen shah afridi 11:Michal starc

  • vivxn



    Can't evn beat a 3rd grade eng team without roy, root, buttler, Stokes, archer & thy are no 1 t20 team🤣🤣

  • Melroy Pinto
    Melroy Pinto

    9.27 observe and thank me later😂😂😂

  • Little Genius
    Little Genius

    11:45 creator of no.1 English cricket team. Best finisher from 3 years

  • AMARESH ambu
    AMARESH ambu

    Malan is rcb

  • Krishna Jethi
    Krishna Jethi

    Shadab carter taking 2 wickets::huhhaaa When Morgan comes to crease::wait u brat shadab

  • sandy 2000
    sandy 2000

    Who dislike this video are Pakistanese

  • Bindu Babu
    Bindu Babu

    Subscribers, like this comment

  • Kushal Pathak
    Kushal Pathak

    Pakistani bowler are at its high moods😑😂😂

  • Kushal Pathak
    Kushal Pathak

    Love to see morgan at No.4

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  • Hum Tv Ost
    Hum Tv Ost

    Batting side was good this time bowlers were little bit undefendable

  • t 10 cartoon plays
    t 10 cartoon plays

    they could come to final

  • t 10 cartoon plays
    t 10 cartoon plays

    pak best country now

  • jaffer jamal
    jaffer jamal

    Where are the fielders

  • Mirza Hassan
    Mirza Hassan

    Hafeez Is the best

  • mangapuram gireesh
    mangapuram gireesh

    MORGAN ❤️❤️

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar

    Eoin Morgan is my favourite player

  • Kartik Chauhan
    Kartik Chauhan

    Morgan 💙

  • Safiul Ali
    Safiul Ali

    I love Morgan Morgan is a my favorite batsman

  • Jiya Yadav
    Jiya Yadav

    In captaincy when it comes to calmness and coolness, everybody takes name of MSD and Kane Williamson but as per me Morgan is also one of them but noone takes his name idk why.

  • Gautam Das
    Gautam Das

    When I see the Old Trafford stadium then I feel a sadness moment, becoz India lost the CWC19 in this stadium against NZ &Guptil had runout the legend Dhoni

    • aksh k
      aksh k

      Legend... Who??

  • Neeraj Raj
    Neeraj Raj

    Dono saale wahi team hai ek ne desh ko loota doosra atankwad faila raha hai From India


    KKR fans watching for Morgan 💜

  • cric talk
    cric talk

    Next year David malan play in RCB ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Vansh korat
      Vansh korat

      Bhai Csk ne malan ko sign kar liya hai

    • Vansh korat
      Vansh korat

      Haa bhai koi bhi player acha international khelta hai to tumlog pohoch jaate ho He will play in Rcb😒

  • Mukesh Rajwade
    Mukesh Rajwade

    looser pakistn👎👎

  • Swarnabh Dasgupta
    Swarnabh Dasgupta

    when it comes to Morgan Hitting sixes the shots are just classy

  • Swarnabh Dasgupta
    Swarnabh Dasgupta

    favourite for a reason

  • Murugavell S
    Murugavell S

    All the subscribers and the comments are frm Indians every the views

  • shubhrajeet datta
    shubhrajeet datta

    Yup but dawid is good

  • Hassu 31
    Hassu 31

    Respect for moin


    Pakistan have not best baller like Bumrah Boult Starc Andersan Malinga


    Get every match fantasy team for free no charges 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Aamir Chaki
    Aamir Chaki

    Ye india wala q har jaga apni mata ka rista dena ajata haa q Pak na tumhari mata ko pregnant kra tha kia bosriawaloo salo har jaga apni baji dena ajata ho Pak ko loroo

  • mangapuram gireesh
    mangapuram gireesh

    MORGAN ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mann v
    Mann v

    Eion Morgan in t20- jalwa hai hamara yaha

  • Sharmisthap Dutta
    Sharmisthap Dutta

    Quick gun Morgan


    Silencer commentrators

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar

    Shaheen afridi welcome to dinda academy

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar

    Shaheen bhai bada mast haga hai

  • Diwandi R
    Diwandi R

    Ind Vs Eng 3rd T20 Full Match

  • christano ronaldo
    christano ronaldo

    I don't why Babar Azam play t20

  • Irfan Shehzad
    Irfan Shehzad

    Hshshwuehe uh d BFF hejw

  • Prahlad Singh
    Prahlad Singh

    What happen to england oppener in ipl

  • KingAzurite

    England didn't win😲😲

  • willy james
    willy james

    Babar classic playr

  • Muthu Kavin
    Muthu Kavin

    Moeen Ali is a unratted players

  • niger peary
    niger peary


  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar

    I'm from India and I like eion Morgan

  • Shabana Asgher
    Shabana Asgher

    To everyone who’s asking where Roy, Hales, Stokes and Butler and Willey are. Stokes is in New Zealand because of his father and the other players are playing against Ireland in the odi series which was also at the same time as the t20 series

  • Sheraz Khan Niazi
    Sheraz Khan Niazi

    Why do Morgan is crying in thumbnail😂

    • Sheraz Khan Niazi
      Sheraz Khan Niazi

      @Hardik Parmar every team has performed poorly in cricket . Cricketers are human not iron man's

    • Hardik Parmar
      Hardik Parmar

      Crying for poor performance of pakistan



  • Robert Ferraro
    Robert Ferraro

    Is it just me or is it simply unenjoyable without a crowd roaring?

  • Muhammed Valliyengal
    Muhammed Valliyengal


  • Dhanya Alandy
    Dhanya Alandy

    Is there any indian here

  • manthan Shah
    manthan Shah

    Why Tom banton is not playing for kkr ?

  • Pickachuu Gaming
    Pickachuu Gaming

    Who had watched CBA version of this match. If not then😂🤣 watchinfun.info/http/v-iy/e5-rm2aQnWyNndU.html

  • siddhant sharma
    siddhant sharma

    India की सबसे बड़ी पतंग को किसी ने उड़ते हुए देखा है ???😱😱😱 🪁 🪁 🪁 infun.info/http/v-iy/oHelZaGDl51qotU.html ऐसी ही पतंग से जुड़ी हुई मज़ेदार वीडियो को देखने के लिए मेरे channel को subscribe करें। 🙂🙂🙂 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Tech Bilal
    Tech Bilal

    shadab what a❤️❤️

  • Ashish Kumar Yadav
    Ashish Kumar Yadav

    Is that Pakistan team jersey or ground staff uniform.?

  • pradip dave
    pradip dave

    Anand hua pakistan ko harte dekh... Cricket tumhare bus ki baat nahi gadhe becho gadhe...

  • Dr. Debajyoti Bose
    Dr. Debajyoti Bose

    Captain Morgan is a fine Rum. ;)

  • West Wind
    West Wind

    SARJEEL KHAN is LONE KING of Cricket world 🌍!!


    Aamir ki to ha ha..

  • Heart Hacker
    Heart Hacker

    For prediction and batting tips Best fantasy apps ke bare me jan ne ke liye ... subscribe plz

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer

    criket lover infun.info/http/v-iy/amebd5Gil3yrh6M.html

  • DARUSSALAM दारू स्सलाम
    DARUSSALAM दारू स्सलाम

    Please upload ODI hilights videos

  • Information HUb
    Information HUb

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  • Information HUb
    Information HUb

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  • Funtoo Gaming
    Funtoo Gaming


  • Iam Inside
    Iam Inside

    As long as Misbah continues with PCB, they can never games with his defensive mind set, u have to play attacking cricket to win games

  • dream 11
    dream 11


  • West Wind
    West Wind

    There is no “merit” word in MR TUKTUK dictionary. Mr TUKTUK selects only his close friends for Pakistan team. Pakistan team on merit is as; SARJEEL KHAN (Capt) FAKHAR ZAMAN BABAR AZAM FAWAD ALAM IFTIKHAR SHOIAB MAQSOOD KUSDIL SHAH (WKT) Aamir WAHAB SHAHEEN AFRIDI IMAD/SHAHDAB PCB should Fire MR TUKTUK and hire DEAN JONES or MICKEY ARTHUR.

  • My Inside Club
    My Inside Club

    Pakistan's schools, colleges is Reopening from Sept 15 - My Inside Club www.myinsideclub.co/2020/09/pakistans-schools-colleges-is-reopening.html

  • Zest limb
    Zest limb


  • Shahzad Waheed789
    Shahzad Waheed789

    How is it possible ? how can this channel predict Eng to win 3-0 days before match. Is he God or what watch 3-0 prediction infun.info/http/v-iy/gZiioGOnzp1uabs.html


    infun.info/http/v-iy/o5uIk6eHl6WDlMU.html dream11 good idea aus vs eng t20 match

  • satheesh kumar
    satheesh kumar

    Babar played like a local street match

  • Ro Ku
    Ro Ku

    Jin bhaiyo ko online creket I'd chaiye wo smprk kijye 8405020422

  • cricket India
    cricket India

    Main aapki video Apne channel par dal sakta hun kya

Rewind 2020
Rewind 2020