England v West Indies - Highlights | Jones Hits 55 From 37 | 4th Vitality IT20 2020
Watch match highlights of England Women v West Indies Women in the 4th Vitality IT20 at The Incora County Ground, Derby.
England thrashed West Indies to take a 4-0 series lead, thanks to Amy Jones hitting 55.
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  • science world
    science world

    Very nice

  • Michael86

    Cricket has to be same for both genders. Why women Cricket have shorter boundaries? 😭😭😭

  • Ravi Mishra
    Ravi Mishra

    What a spin bowling strength of England with both brilliant spinners.

  • murli Ashiya
    murli Ashiya

    I think saare Indian hi match dekh rahe hai

  • T1G3R 1S B4CK
    T1G3R 1S B4CK

    @England And Wales Cricket Board this is the 4th I t20 of this series and not the third ... Please change the title as it says 3rd T20 It is a human error because in the thumbnail it mentions 4th t20

  • Raj Savaj
    Raj Savaj

    Amy Jones is lady Buttler! 💯

  • Muhammad Bhatti
    Muhammad Bhatti

    England team has better spinners

  • Floyd Gabriel
    Floyd Gabriel

    Waste of time watching videos good game from England 😔

  • shabqadar khan
    shabqadar khan

    I dont know how westindes women win a worldcup

  • q8 waqas
    q8 waqas

    I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • A Series
    A Series

    Tour to #Pakistan

  • Aakash Mangla
    Aakash Mangla

    why to give spoiler in the thumbnail of every match's highlight 😔

  • Jassy Rahal
    Jassy Rahal

    Lol watching catches is hilarious.

  • Ratnadeep Patil
    Ratnadeep Patil

    5:22 faintest of the edges.. 🤦‍♂️

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    Sara Glenn resembles Sara tailor ... One beauty takes place another... 😍😎

  • Meer Adnan
    Meer Adnan

    Dottin's performance is worth to watch in Windies.

  • anamika kapoor
    anamika kapoor

    If whamen are tantamount to men, why are the boundaries closer , more disturbing is how are todays whamen ok with the fact that boundaries are closer. This begs the question - do whamen use the "men=whamen" card only in corporates and ditch it according to their convenience outside corporates 🤔

  • Owais Mir
    Owais Mir


  • Nickkay i agree Dormer
    Nickkay i agree Dormer

    I be loving this west Indies young keeper, Campbell

  • Ezroy Guthrie
    Ezroy Guthrie

    Smh poor poor not learning anything from the games before

  • Hamad khan
    Hamad khan

    1st Sarah taylor now Sarah glenn our perverts ppl are here just for this not for a good cricket BTW i love you Sarah Glenn

  • Hamad khan
    Hamad khan

    Well played Amy Jones. Little bit disappointed with Anya shrubsole as she didnt get wicket once again oh How can be she if they Dropped every catch of her bowling

  • Raheeqa Tasaddaq
    Raheeqa Tasaddaq

    Wi are playing or doing commedy

  • ketut ronta
    ketut ronta

    what wrong with W.I

  • Nurani Media Bhola নুরানী মিডিয়া ভোলা
    Nurani Media Bhola নুরানী মিডিয়া ভোলা

    আসসালামু আলাইকুম✆✆ প্রিয় বন্দু রা কেমন আছেন আমাদের একটি সংগঠণ✪ আল ইকরা শিল্পী গোষ্ঠী✪আপনাদের মাঝে নতুন আসছে আসা করি সবাই সাপোর্ট করবেন আমাদের দুটি সংগীত রিলিজ হলো নিচের লিঙ্ক ১!infun.info/http/v-iy/ZGZqhoGZuXl7h7s.html ২

  • Faryal __ official
    Faryal __ official

    Take a look to the Eng bowlers....west indies is swimming

  • Nryna thdhnm Shubhm
    Nryna thdhnm Shubhm

    Ohh , heroines angels 😍😘😜

  • Nryna thdhnm Shubhm
    Nryna thdhnm Shubhm

    Is it women cricket or beautiful cricket ? 😇

  • siva lingam
    siva lingam

    Am waiting to watch womenIndia match

  • science world
    science world

    Very nice

  • SDS Studio 5
    SDS Studio 5

    Apna title theik krein

  • yatharth saxena
    yatharth saxena

    Jones is a good shotmaker for sure

  • Saqlaeen Sojib
    Saqlaeen Sojib

    every video I watch because of sarah glenn

  • The IND Army
    The IND Army

    I play good cricket these womens

  • Bramhdeen Yadav
    Bramhdeen Yadav

    Who won the Series

  • saardhak reddy
    saardhak reddy

    West Indies is the worst team


    Worse performance west indies team

  • Mohan Kumar
    Mohan Kumar

    Run outs game

  • Homen Lahan
    Homen Lahan

    Very poor fielding. No support from the other end to Dottin.

  • Maimoon Khan
    Maimoon Khan

    Plz choose bowling in next game

  • Golla Venkateshwarlu
    Golla Venkateshwarlu

    very poor fielding

  • karan arora
    karan arora

    Its 4th t20 ...sorry to say but you write 3rd t20

  • Hadieeies Gate
    Hadieeies Gate

    I hate England cricket board

  • Professor’s Page
    Professor’s Page

    wi mens team loose more serieses but they both are world champions

  • Jatin Wadhwani
    Jatin Wadhwani

    England top order is weak ,Wyatt is out of form ,against top sides they can not score 120 runs ,england wicket keeper should work hard ,Windies play ok cricket because their ranking far below england ,both teams drop some catches under lights it is difficult but you should do it

  • prasanth rmc
    prasanth rmc

    WI Poor on batting, bowling and fielding. Rest everything is great.

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      And you're much worse than them

  • thrilled channel
    thrilled channel

    Ungallukuu cricket pudikumnaa enndoo channel konjam parunga subscribe pannungaa makkalaa only for cricket lovers

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma


  • tejas patekar
    tejas patekar

    infun.info/http/v-iy/e4irmKaDzqhnZa8.html 😂😂 Must watch

  • Mohammed Sarfaraz
    Mohammed Sarfaraz

    Dottin is the only player doing everything for WI. If she fails, they fail.

    • NFAK Lovers
      NFAK Lovers


    • Nickkay i agree Dormer
      Nickkay i agree Dormer

      Once it was Stephanie now it's dottin

  • Hari cricket lover
    Hari cricket lover

    I love Glenn and Taylor ❤️❤️

    • Hari cricket lover
      Hari cricket lover

      @cric glimpse nice video 👍

  • Makarand Shendkar
    Makarand Shendkar

    Beautiful England girls

  • Aditya Jadhav
    Aditya Jadhav

    3:01 The words of the commentator prove that she had watched the ipl😂

    • Aditya Jadhav
      Aditya Jadhav

      @Amardeep Lmz 😅😅😅

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      Idiot don't bring in crapy IPL everywhere

    • Pratyush K
      Pratyush K


  • Varunpal Reddy Sama
    Varunpal Reddy Sama

    Fielding from the Windies is substandard.

  • Current Affairs Hindi
    Current Affairs Hindi

    Its 4th Vitality T20. Please🙏🙏💓 correction☑..

  • khel kabaddi videos
    khel kabaddi videos

    Who is new youtuber here hit a like

  • Nesapriyan Nesapriyan17
    Nesapriyan Nesapriyan17

    Sarah Glenn cricketer or actress🙄🙄🙄 how beautiful ❤️

  • Chinmaya Murthy HR
    Chinmaya Murthy HR

    Title says 3rd but description and video says 4th. Correct it!

  • Hasnain Khan
    Hasnain Khan

    its fourth t20 not 3rd 😂😂😂😂

  • Ghulam Naveed
    Ghulam Naveed

    Wow The england team are very beautiful ❤❤❤❤

  • Loi Lois
    Loi Lois

    When I watched English woman's playing cricket I really missed Sarah Taylor behind the stamp

  • AK Gaming
    AK Gaming

    Wow #AkgamingandIntrestingtips

  • Players' Lounge
    Players' Lounge

    How good have they been Barmy Army? 🙌💯

  • balasivakrishna m
    balasivakrishna m

    14:20, Anyone notice?

    • Mossad R&AW
      Mossad R&AW


  • S P
    S P

    The standard of women cricket!,😕 Rather than complaining about the attention and payment given to their male counterparts, they should improve their skills and quality so that audience are attracted

  • Ashok Sahu
    Ashok Sahu

    ECB in highlights: 3rd T20I ECB in story of day: 4th T20I

  • Angadjit Singh
    Angadjit Singh

    Which channel it is come

  • Riju Sarajan
    Riju Sarajan

    West indies fielding is beyond pathetic through out the series

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      @Riju Sarajan Indias fielding level is same as pathetic west indies. Still didn't understand then go back to school.

    • Riju Sarajan
      Riju Sarajan

      @Amardeep Lmz whats that has to do with this game.

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      Just like India mens team

  • Sohel Rana Bhuiyan
    Sohel Rana Bhuiyan

    Caption should be change -4th t20

  • Srikanth Toshniwal
    Srikanth Toshniwal

    West Indians really need to work on their fitness...

  • Raja Bilal
    Raja Bilal

    Because of brunt I am watching women cricket love you brunt😍😍❤️

  • M Nair
    M Nair

    This entire series WI team has been a joke

  • Savan Salat
    Savan Salat

    Good work English skipper love you all of you

  • Rafaqat Awan Official
    Rafaqat Awan Official

    jones great batting stunning

  • Rafaqat Awan Official
    Rafaqat Awan Official

    wow amzing

  • ShivRaj_Gujjar _Didwana
    ShivRaj_Gujjar _Didwana

    Great 💓 Jones💓

  • anubhav singh bhadouriya
    anubhav singh bhadouriya

    West Indies lost all matches because of their poor fielding

    • Nickkay i agree Dormer
      Nickkay i agree Dormer

      Poor batting also

    • Rafaqat Awan Official
      Rafaqat Awan Official


  • vamsi vinukonda
    vamsi vinukonda

    Please change the heading. It's a 4th T20

  • welcome Interior Jhelum
    welcome Interior Jhelum

    England is the best team 😎😍❤️

    • Rafaqat Awan Official
      Rafaqat Awan Official

      yes eng is always my bst team in cricket

  • Mehul Tripathi
    Mehul Tripathi

    Sabse sadha match tha

  • pure desi chicken farming
    pure desi chicken farming

    What a silly fielders

  • Mohammed Afzal
    Mohammed Afzal

    This is the 4th t20 by the way😁

  • World animation gaming
    World animation gaming

    Windies are trying only for boundries.

    • World animation gaming
      World animation gaming


    • wunnell

      The Windies men are guilty of the same thing at times.

  • Shohan Hossain
    Shohan Hossain

    The fact is No windes bater are catch out....

  • Astro Darpan
    Astro Darpan

    This hayley mathews is playing street cricket

  • Desh Ki Mati
    Desh Ki Mati

    Jis kisi ko 5k subscribe chahiye to mere photo Ko touch karo aur mere channel Ko subscribe karo support do support lo 😘👍

  • Jahangir Khan
    Jahangir Khan

    I like Glenn & Villiers the most!!!

    • Pratyush K
      Pratyush K

      Why ??

  • Sachin Alahakoon
    Sachin Alahakoon

    Stop putting natalie to the 3rd place again..😲

  • Khari Campbell
    Khari Campbell

    Men against boys

  • Ravi Pratap Mishra
    Ravi Pratap Mishra

    English women's rely on timing and class whereas west Indians rely on power, I think that's the difference between their victory and loss

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      Stupid comment

  • HB with tibenabvi
    HB with tibenabvi

    Nice 👍

  • Technical Me Vlog
    Technical Me Vlog

    शुक्रिया भाई आपने मेरे मैसेज को पढ़ा❤️ दोस्तो यार मैं एक स्टूडेंट हूंप्लीज यार आप लोग मुझे सपोर्ट करें आपके सपोर्ट की बहुत जरूरत है यार आपके मां और बाप का वास्ता प्लीज मुझे सपोर्ट करें और सब्सक्राइब करें प्लीज🙏😭 infun.info/news/fFg1jwy3f9qMYCycxnMrPg.html

  • Ram. S
    Ram. S

    Jones 👏👏👏👏

  • Nickson Edmund
    Nickson Edmund

    Dropping jones cost us the match

    • Pratyush K
      Pratyush K

      @wunnell it was just a joke bro Why u becoming so serious ??

    • wunnell

      @Pratyush K , it's a sad day when someone has so short an attention span that they pretend to be in tears from laughing at someone writing an "essay" of seven sentences.

    • Pratyush K
      Pratyush K

      @wunnell its more like an essay 😂

    • wunnell

      I think comments like this are also an attempt to let your team off the hook for other deficiencies. It's definitely frustrating when your team puts a catch down and that can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing but was that really the case here? England put down a couple of catches too but they were still able to take nine wickets. Thee inability to create further wicket opportunities after the drop was also part of the problem. They also could have scored more runs but no mention of that costing the match. If you're team's down 4-0 then you need to be looking at more than a single dropped catch. To be fair, there are reasons WI aren't at the same standard as England that are outside the players' control but there are a lot of things that they could have done better in this match and this series.

    • Pratyush K
      Pratyush K

      @wunnell true

  • ledge-bob fantastic
    ledge-bob fantastic

    Taylor naah fine form

  • Noman Munawar
    Noman Munawar

    4th vitality it20 * -,-

  • selwyn clovis
    selwyn clovis

    Good to see womens cricket of any sort , windies got flattened but big respect to windies

  • Brandon Walters
    Brandon Walters

    West Indies women team need to work on their fielding and batting😭😭😭. Good game though👏👏👏

    • Maroof Hussain
      Maroof Hussain

      @Amardeep Lmz thanks 🥰

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      @Maroof Hussain Its OK.. have a nice day.

    • Maroof Hussain
      Maroof Hussain

      @Amardeep Lmz ok sorry for emoji

    • Amardeep Lmz
      Amardeep Lmz

      @Maroof Hussain Its OK but laughing emoji means you're making fun of them. Women and men naturally can't play equally they doesn't have same physical strength and stamina.

    • Maroof Hussain
      Maroof Hussain

      @Amardeep Lmz i only said they want to improve there batting and feild....i only give a examlple

  • Steve Skrobot
    Steve Skrobot

    The comedy run-out at the end, how embarrassing W.I

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    Azhar Bazaz Mathematics circle

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