Essex v Kent | Bell-Drummond Smashes 81 off 45! | Vitality Blast 2020 Highlights
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Bell-Drummond hits 81 off 45 to lead Kent to a 29-run victory over Essex
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  • Prateek Jain
    Prateek Jain

    I want IPL to be held in England

    • Matus allen
      Matus allen

      right well tht makes perfect sense

  • Shiva Amirishetti
    Shiva Amirishetti

    I thought it's Archer

  • Nthn Hbsn
    Nthn Hbsn

    These camera operators are shocking.

  • md akram Khan
    md akram Khan


  • Learning With Vishnu
    Learning With Vishnu

    Plz channel sub chayava please evarithe na comment chaduvutharo subscribe chayandi na china request plz subscribe to my channel evaru subscribe chasaru like chayandi comment ni

  • Amir Sohel
    Amir Sohel

  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes

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  • Karan Chawla
    Karan Chawla

    What a blind cameraman 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Pratyush K
    Pratyush K

    For the first time in my life, I have seen Bell Drummond score a half century

  • mayur Chhabhaiya
    mayur Chhabhaiya

    Alex black ♥️♥️

  • DP 2809
    DP 2809

    Jr sameuls

  • Powerful Wazaif Official
    Powerful Wazaif Official

    مشت زنی کے نقصانات تو ہرکوئ بتاتاہےلیکن اس بیماری کوچھوڑنےاوراس کے علاج کےمتعلق کوئ نھیں بتاتا.آیئےمیں آپکونقصانات کےساتھ ساتھ مکمل روحانی اور طبی دونوعلاج بتاتاہوں.اور کھوئ ہوئ طاقت واپس لانےکابھی طریقہ بتاتاہوں دیکھئیےویڈیومیں

  • Akash Srivastava
    Akash Srivastava

    Desperately waiting for IPL

  • 10k subscriber without any video challenge help me
    10k subscriber without any video challenge help me

    that random person ,,,,""" who liked my comments 😭😭 l pray ''' may you and your parents live more than 100 Years 👉🙏🙏

    • satendra panigrahi
      satendra panigrahi


    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

  • Nisar Khan
    Nisar Khan

    D bell Drummond is very consistent batsman

  • Harsha Vinukonda
    Harsha Vinukonda

    0:13 Is that Ryan Reynolds 😂

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan

    Nice macth

  • Shaista Shah
    Shaista Shah

    what a quality of t20 cricket ❤ really appreciated ECB 💕👌I think other boards need to learn from ECB💕

  • bilal sofi
    bilal sofi

    This ia a batting truck plese come on aisan pitches you are score is zeeeroo i am from kashmir i am from this pitch sore 200 hundred

  • meenakshi tickoo
    meenakshi tickoo

    Who thought bell Drummond looked like jofra archer in the thumbnail?

  • ibrahim Yar
    ibrahim Yar

    Good game

  • Arun Sreenivasan
    Arun Sreenivasan

    Tbh I’m just glad the result isn’t posted in the title

  • Khurram Shahzad
    Khurram Shahzad

    Extremely ordinary bowling

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  • Top5 Rankings
    Top5 Rankings

    whoever is reading this comment may his her parents live long for 100 years ameen

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  • Ahmed Bhalli
    Ahmed Bhalli

    Super inning Drummond

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    cricket news

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    cricket news

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    cricket news

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    cricket news

  • cricket news
    cricket news

  • Subarna Saha
    Subarna Saha

    Belp drummond stance change worked

  • Mark Sobers
    Mark Sobers

    Bell Drummond has a batting stance like Marlon Samuels.

    • Anugrah Yadav
      Anugrah Yadav

      He was batting more of like Rashid Khan like the batting stance , the shots selection and footwork.

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

    • Amardeep Singh
      Amardeep Singh

      Bell is more open in stance than samples..anyway good obeservation...

    • Ch Sandhu
      Ch Sandhu

      marlon Technique Better Then This Guy

    • Mohd refat MR15
      Mohd refat MR15

      @Swat Express u bot in Fortine

  • Freddie Ward
    Freddie Ward

    Some of tis camera work was crap

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

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  • Robbie millar
    Robbie millar

    Sack that cameraman missed like 4 catches

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

    • Courtney - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
      Courtney - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE


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  • Arish Krishnan
    Arish Krishnan

    Best playing 11 in 2020 Rohit Sharma David warner Virat kholi Jos Buttler MS Dhoni Ben Stokes Ravindra jadeja Rashid Khan Pat Cummins Jasprit bumrah Mitchel starc Imagine about other team?😪😪😂😂


    Ryan Ten-doeschate is an excellent top order batsman why is he batting so down the order . He should bat at No. 3 .

  • Budwecan

    INfun: Dry because nothing is interesting ECB: We upload highlights everyday

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

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    Selectors should give Crawley enough chance from which he can show his class . He has 267 against Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰. He should be in England team

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  • chota manan
    chota manan

    Ecb please give highlights of every vitality blast game

  • Islamic quotes for all
    Islamic quotes for all

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  • Hridoy Das
    Hridoy Das

    Cemara work really bad,😥plz try to improve ☺

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

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  • Haris Wajeeh
    Haris Wajeeh

    What a gem Ten descarte is.. One of the finest player from a non test playing nation "Netherlands"... There was a time when he ,along with Zimbabwe's "brendon Taylor" were my favourite.Because they achieved something out of nothing.

    • Haris Wajeeh
      Haris Wajeeh

      @pradnya joshi hahahah even u are wrong. check the spelling on google

    • pradnya joshi
      pradnya joshi

      It's not ten descrate it is Ryan ten desochate

  • Tanu Choudhury
    Tanu Choudhury

    Because England respect their national game.. That's y they play ...

  • Ritesh gaur train zone
    Ritesh gaur train zone

  • aayan goverski
    aayan goverski

    5:50. What was Delport even thinking?

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

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    • Cricketfan849

      IKR 😂

  • Manu baba
    Manu baba

    Bell Drummond nice player.. I'm waiting for IPL sure🥳

  • Pranjay Varshney
    Pranjay Varshney

    I enjoy watching it more than the IPL

  • satyajeet singh
    satyajeet singh

    What song is played @2:46

    • Muhtasim :)
      Muhtasim :)

      Gala-free from desire

  • Darren Alleyne
    Darren Alleyne

    Is Bell-Drummond any good? It’s a genuine question, he plays yearly yet only seems to perform once or twice a season from what I’ve seen on this ECB Channel

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  • Indrani Gomes
    Indrani Gomes

    Fire the cameraman

  • Esra Bilgic Official
    Esra Bilgic Official

  • s kumar
    s kumar

    Is drammond from west indies ???

    • Z

      South Africa

    • Rohit Sharma
      Rohit Sharma

      Sab kale log ws se nahi hote

  • Som Kumar
    Som Kumar

    Waw nice

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  • Bilal Waheed
    Bilal Waheed

    very reminiscent of marlon samuels



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  • ICY Beast Gaming
    ICY Beast Gaming

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  • AussieR1

    Poor camera operators have lost their touch with following the ball.

  • Rayan Naseem
    Rayan Naseem

    Bad shot from Delport

  • Salman ali
    Salman ali

    Kent should score 220+

  • Tawa Clan
    Tawa Clan

  • K K
    K K

    Congratulations wishes to Kent on my Birthday

    • K K
      K K

      @ADD GAMING Ok


      Let's be good friends

    • Manaal Imran
      Manaal Imran

      Happy Birthday to you

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

    • K K
      K K

      @ADD GAMING Thanks mate

  • Magi Dev
    Magi Dev

    Love you english cricket 🏏🏏🏏💓💓

  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    Fun Fact : Every day when I wake up in the morning and open you tube I see England is playing with some one 😂😀

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

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    • Anand Mrx
      Anand Mrx

      Me to 😂😂🤣🤣

    • 076317 10
      076317 10

      What's the fun fact here?

  • Sooraj Jaikant
    Sooraj Jaikant

    Dream11 team captain bell

  • hindustan jindabad
    hindustan jindabad

    Jai ho india se jo h like karo 🥰

  • Vihax

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful 🙏 My Dream is to have 16k Subscribers . I been struggling to get there



    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

    • AKSHAY G
      AKSHAY G

      Houdu huliya

  • Ashutosh kumar
    Ashutosh kumar

    4th comment 🤟

  • Aayush Chavan
    Aayush Chavan

    Great innings from Bell Awesome!!❤️❤️

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    • Esra Bilgic Official
      Esra Bilgic Official

  • nigz vlogs
    nigz vlogs

    Pls do watch and subscribe

  • world freak
    world freak



    6th viewer

  • nigz vlogs
    nigz vlogs

    5th comment

  • Shubam Sharma
    Shubam Sharma


  • ShinyNRS

    This is what Crawley Does when he has nothing to do!

    • Shivani Godse
      Shivani Godse

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  • chakri kattoju
    chakri kattoju

    Very well played bell Like for bell 1st like 😘😘😘

  • keeni Rakesh
    keeni Rakesh

    1st comment

  • sai ganesh
    sai ganesh

    1st like

  • Teddie Clifton
    Teddie Clifton