Incredible IT20 Moments! | Make Your Vote Count! | Group A | IT20 World Cup of Matches
With the 2020 IT20 World Cup postponed, we're bringing the competition to you with some classic matches! Have your say by voting for your favourite match to go through to the next round!
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    Pak vs eng

  • Sumbal Khan
    Sumbal Khan


  • Sh Nayeem
    Sh Nayeem

    Eng vs pak

  • Aryan Vijay 10
    Aryan Vijay 10

    Ind v eng the best match

  • Ghulam Ali
    Ghulam Ali

    Eng vs pak

  • Hayatt Khan
    Hayatt Khan

    Eng vs pak

  • chitra rai
    chitra rai

    Ind vs eng

  • Ch Mujtaba
    Ch Mujtaba

    Pak vs eng

  • Wani Aaqib
    Wani Aaqib

    My vote Eng Vs Pak 😍😘

  • Jenni Lynch
    Jenni Lynch

    Pak vs aus

    • Jenni Lynch
      Jenni Lynch

      Bc I want my ten in the final

    • Jenni Lynch
      Jenni Lynch

      Eng va aus

  • Emma Lugo
    Emma Lugo

    The thin field speculatively invent because edger subjectively separate abaft a aggressive whorl. waggish, magnificent purple



  • Shreyas Chandrappa
    Shreyas Chandrappa


  • SK Pradeep Official
    SK Pradeep Official

    Ind Vs eng

  • Ghulam Mustafa
    Ghulam Mustafa

    My vote is for Eng vs Aus

  • game changer cricket club crazy naval star
    game changer cricket club crazy naval star

    English Vs shahens

  • aarti dhawan
    aarti dhawan

    India vs england

  • Rahul Sarkar
    Rahul Sarkar

    India vs England

  • Parth Pandey
    Parth Pandey

    Australia vs England

  • Mitali Dhundur
    Mitali Dhundur

    my vote -Pak vs Eng

  • poonam vlogs
    poonam vlogs

    India vs england

  • Adnan Sami
    Adnan Sami

    eng vs pak

  • Ashraf Mughal
    Ashraf Mughal


  • Mohith

    Ind vs eng

  • Ali Raza TV
    Ali Raza TV

    Pakistan ❤️❤️ England

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Laxmi Sarwa
    Laxmi Sarwa

    Eng Vs Aus

  • Khan Rafiq
    Khan Rafiq

    England and Pakistan 👍

  • nerdy convergence
    nerdy convergence

    India vs England

  • Huzaifasaleem khan
    Huzaifasaleem khan

    pakistan vs england.

  • Nazakat Ali
    Nazakat Ali

    Pak vs eng

  • Taimur Ahmed
    Taimur Ahmed

    My vote PAKISTAN vs England

  • RoD K
    RoD K

    Why Pakistan have no crowd? I have watched every video.

  • Sóñàl Dhàm Nérãñā
    Sóñàl Dhàm Nérãñā


  • Raja Vinay
    Raja Vinay

    Eng vs Ind

  • Abdullah Ahmed IV-M-A
    Abdullah Ahmed IV-M-A

    my vote: Pakistan vs England

  • Samir Pandey
    Samir Pandey

    Eng vs pak

  • Rabeea ilahi
    Rabeea ilahi

    Pakistan vs England would be a thriller.. 🔥🔥👍👍😍😍

  • Raja Sohail
    Raja Sohail

    England vs Pakistan

  • tarun verma
    tarun verma

    India vs england

  • Muhammad Akram
    Muhammad Akram

    England vs pak

  • Cool little Clips
    Cool little Clips

    England vs Australia

  • Sam G
    Sam G

    Aus vs England and finch 150

  • Morshed Alam
    Morshed Alam

    England vs Pakistan

  • Kashmir Ka Sardar
    Kashmir Ka Sardar

    England vs Pakistan 😍

  • BTR Gaming
    BTR Gaming

    Only ECB can post loss matches. India 😀😀😀

  • Manjan Mama Extra
    Manjan Mama Extra

    Pk vs India

  • Irfan Chattha
    Irfan Chattha

    pak vs eng

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan

    Pakistan vs England


    My vote eng Vs pak

  • Muhammad Ateeq
    Muhammad Ateeq

    Pakistan vs England Australia vs England

  • Dadi Dadi
    Dadi Dadi

    My vote -Eng vs ind What a game


    eng vs pk

  • dgdt#vuj cgnmj
    dgdt#vuj cgnmj

    English commentary by commentators and hindi commentary by sarfaraz😂😂

  • ka paul ka paul
    ka paul ka paul

    Nest world cup grades Group 1 Aus NZ Eng Ban Nederlands Group 2 India Pak Sa Wi Afg

  • kapil narang
    kapil narang

    India 🇮🇳 vs England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Mmg Moktadi
    Mmg Moktadi

    Australia vs England. Well played England against big target.

  • Prince Khaled
    Prince Khaled

    I Think, Eng vs Aus Match Was High Classical Match.🔥

  • suman jandian
    suman jandian

    Mind-blowing match liked comment👍♥️

  • Mohammad Ahmed
    Mohammad Ahmed


  • MT gaming
    MT gaming

    pakistan vs englang

  • MT gaming
    MT gaming

    pakistan vs england

  • nikhil desai
    nikhil desai

    India vs England because India chased 200 convincingly...other 2 teams unable to do that..


    Hey England we don't want any vote , just go and Fight with my son 🇵🇰.. I heard here something thrill. 😂😂😂

  • Ahmed Nishat
    Ahmed Nishat

    i think pak vs eng

  • Naina Narang
    Naina Narang

    India 🇮🇳 v/s England 🇬🇧

  • Pakistan Vines
    Pakistan Vines

    Pak v eng

  • hussain abid
    hussain abid


  • The Cousins
    The Cousins

    IND vs PAK

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar

    My vote: IND v eng

  • Abdulrehman Nafees
    Abdulrehman Nafees

    Pak vs Eng

  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali

    My vote Pakistan vs England

  • Mehtab Ali
    Mehtab Ali

    Pak Vs eng.

  • Prithvi S k.
    Prithvi S k.

    My vote:eng Vs pak

  • Prithvi S k.
    Prithvi S k.

    Eng Vs ind

  • Pardeep Naager
    Pardeep Naager

    India is best team in t20 in the world

  • Veera Vara Prasad yadav
    Veera Vara Prasad yadav

    INDIA ❤❤❤

  • uzair cheema
    uzair cheema

    Eng vs pak

  • Yashodha Naik
    Yashodha Naik

    ind vs eng

  • Ahmed hassan
    Ahmed hassan

    Pak vs eng

  • Hardik rajgor
    Hardik rajgor

    Ind vs England

  • Sk Official
    Sk Official

    Eng Vs Pak

  • XI_J.Pradeep


  • Taha Ilyas
    Taha Ilyas

    Eng vs pak

  • Sohaib Akram
    Sohaib Akram

    Pakistan vs England


    Ind vs eng

  • Pakistanzindabad Pakistanzindabad111
    Pakistanzindabad Pakistanzindabad111

    Pak vs eng

  • Hany Raj
    Hany Raj

    Eng vs pak 🙌

  • Salman Raza Hashmi
    Salman Raza Hashmi

    England vs Pakistan

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar

    Eng vs pak IND vs ENG

  • Nitish Kumar
    Nitish Kumar

    India in India vs england

  • it's me
    it's me

    Ind vs eng Aus vs eng Sa vs eng 2016 world cup semi final

  • Mj Vlogs
    Mj Vlogs

    Pakistan vs England my favourite match