Ireland Chase 329 in Final Over Thriller! | England v Ireland 3rd ODI | Best of Summer 2020
A look back at the best moments of summer 2020! This week, Ireland take it all the way to the final over in a thrilling series finale!
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  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes

    Campher is my favourite because he reminds me of camera + sulphur

  • Chand babu channel
    Chand babu channel

    i am best team India

  • Social Tv
    Social Tv

    2:03😂😂Commentator speaking style

  • Sadnan Jahid
    Sadnan Jahid

    Congress Ireland team❤️✌️

  • Hamza Rehman
    Hamza Rehman

    This match looked fixed. 😂 The way England bowled and fielded

  • rizwan talks
    rizwan talks

    Ireland batting is far better than afganiatan

  • OneAsia - world
    OneAsia - world

    Stirling = humble , tallented , good servant to Ireland

  • Kashif Anwar
    Kashif Anwar

    I Dont Really Know If Eoin Morgan Should Be Happy Or Sad About This.

  • vijayalaxmi maddi
    vijayalaxmi maddi


    • Shreyansh Singh
      Shreyansh Singh

      He said near impossible...

  • Nilayan Dutta
    Nilayan Dutta

    I love one thing about England team that they don't bother much about losing to associate teams and uphelding their confidence..

  • Hari Gaming Center
    Hari Gaming Center

    I'm so sure this will seek 1000s of cricket fans towards ireland team

  • malik kashif
    malik kashif

    Only Cricket can provide us with such entertainment. Sometimes the lowly paid players perform as a team and as individual cricketers. Such teams need to be given more opportunities to play against so-called ICC ranked teams.

  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar

    Congratulations Ireland

  • Sukhbir Singh
    Sukhbir Singh

    Mpl vs NatWest

  • Priya N
    Priya N

    K O Brinen has also played for Scotland

  • Prem Kolkar
    Prem Kolkar

    England thought's that match is our hand

  • Chutiya Baba
    Chutiya Baba

    😁😂😂 Ireland beats one more time😁😂😂

  • Mr. R
    Mr. R

    What's the song at the start?


    Paul Stirling,Boyd Rankin and Kevin O'Brien are the Irishmen who should have been selected in IPL franchises

    • Thunder Viper X
      Thunder Viper X

      @Bluebug Fan Morgan played for KKR before SRH actually. 2013

    • Bunty

      @TIGERZY2K kkr also had purchased a Dutch cricketer named ryan ten doeschate

    • Sarthak singh
      Sarthak singh

      Stirling is virat of Ireland


      @MEMEy Buoy but morgan is now officially a english cricketer

    • MEMEy Buoy
      MEMEy Buoy

      @Mera Point but stirling is consistent and morgan also finishes good everytime!!

  • Athul Ashok
    Athul Ashok

    Is that england wearing the green jersey? Lol

  • JakeTheDino

    i thought this team was the best team in the world? didn't they win the world cup?

  • Sunny Dhar
    Sunny Dhar

    Wow 👍

  • Swati Bhowmick
    Swati Bhowmick

    Paul Stirling good innings

  • Officially Noob
    Officially Noob

    Title: Ireland chase 329 Me shocked when I saw that Ireland is batting first and therefore cannot chase

    • SO 2
      SO 2

      @Klarx lol 😂

    • Pranab Mallick
      Pranab Mallick

      It is only the Irish innings showed here

    • Klarx

      you are exactly like your name.

    • Mera Point
      Mera Point


    • Ravikumar Tadikonda
      Ravikumar Tadikonda

      It only showed the Irish innings

  • Dubasi Manudeep
    Dubasi Manudeep

    Morgan is Ireland u19 captain and he's playing for England team now against his own country

    • Shamik Bhattacharjee
      Shamik Bhattacharjee

      @Fan Aus no he wasn't ...trent johnston was the captain in 2007

    • Fan Aus
      Fan Aus

      He even captained Ireland in 2007 world cup first captain to represent two nations in world cup

    • Aditya jain
      Aditya jain


  • The Greatest Emperor
    The Greatest Emperor

    Where is the crowd?

    • Saji Saju
      Saji Saju

      Because of the covid 19

  • gaming boyz
    gaming boyz

    Ireland captain in wcc and England wcc captain is Eoin Morgan


    This shows that if India or england play better they can defeat world 11 and if they did not play better they can loose from anyone

  • J019 Rishav S. Pore
    J019 Rishav S. Pore

    Remarkable day in Ireland Cricket!!!

  • J .Woods
    J .Woods

    James vince is the worst cricketer ever to make it into England

  • Nobendu Roy
    Nobendu Roy

    Funfact - Eoin Morgan is from IRELAND

    • Dzire Azam
      Dzire Azam

      @Abdulmusawir buriro Buriro but that was a

    • Abdulmusawir buriro Buriro
      Abdulmusawir buriro Buriro

      Everybody know that fool

  • kamal tyagi
    kamal tyagi

    329 is magical no. to chase for Ireland

    • Sarthak singh
      Sarthak singh

      It is difficult for any team

  • Sam Curran
    Sam Curran

    Yeah these was thrilling match

    • Jurassic World gamer
      Jurassic World gamer

      Holy a British with bad Grammar!

  • Maan meena
    Maan meena


  • rojay comedy
    rojay comedy

    Ireland vs England 3rd odi or Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 3rd odi 2020.which one was best?

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar

    In this match, three Irishman scored a century. 1 for England & 2 against England.


    Stirling , Kevin and balbarnie are my favourite players in Irish Squad❤️😍

  • Tanjil Iqbal Pranto
    Tanjil Iqbal Pranto

    what was the background song played when o brien hit the winning run?

    • Pradeep Kumar
      Pradeep Kumar

      Binod Theme

  • Tanjil Iqbal Pranto
    Tanjil Iqbal Pranto

    what was the background song played when o brien hit the winning run?

    • Pradeep Kumar
      Pradeep Kumar

      DJ Binod

  • Tanjil Iqbal Pranto
    Tanjil Iqbal Pranto

    what was the background song played when o brien hit the winning run?

    • Pradeep Kumar
      Pradeep Kumar

      @Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa ok

    • Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa
      Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa

      @Pradeep Kumar pradeep Kumar bharat Mata ki mother ko lol

    • Pradeep Kumar
      Pradeep Kumar

      Lambi Judai by DJ Binod

  • Tanjil Iqbal Pranto
    Tanjil Iqbal Pranto

    what was the background song played when o brien hit the winning run?

    • Pradeep Kumar
      Pradeep Kumar

      BJ Binod




    Is it a new match? I think i have seen this before

    • Ricky Ponting
      Ricky Ponting

      Old Match

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    I want to enquire lre team, When you fail to win first two matches then watch makes you to win the third high score match ..🤔🤨🤔

  • Ashrit Pani
    Ashrit Pani

    I like eoin Morgan

  • Gyro GOD
    Gyro GOD


  • rana rajput
    rana rajput

    Love from poland 💖💓🇮🇳🇵🇱💓💖

  • Dinal Kolugala
    Dinal Kolugala

    Ireland is very good player team. England vs Ireland 🇮🇪 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Sarthak singh
      Sarthak singh

      @Shimul Mandal Pobon ha per wo odi standing me india age he

    • Shimul Mandal Pobon
      Shimul Mandal Pobon

      Ireland is a worst team. had Lost to Afghanistan and sri Lanka .

  • Kanav Arora
    Kanav Arora

    Tom curran is playing ipl

  • Abhishek

    Britain Ka history padho chutiya Ireland Britain me hi aata hai ek desh Apne desh Ka Saman na Kare to kon karega be

  • Vishnu Darsan
    Vishnu Darsan

    0:57 burning sun how ironic, given it's happening in england🤣

  • Trigun Gaming
    Trigun Gaming

    No one talking about paul stirling innings

    • Sarthak singh
      Sarthak singh

      Chalo ham batt kar lete he

  • Golden W
    Golden W

    *Why Ireland always chases big targets? I remember they have chased 300+ targets 2 times in the past.*

    • Golden W
      Golden W

      @Aditya Jadhav *They play with no pressure. This is the secret of chasing big targets against big teams like England & South Africa.*

    • Aditya Jadhav
      Aditya Jadhav

      Maybe dedication

  • Desh Ki Mati
    Desh Ki Mati

    Jis kisi ko 5k subscribe chahiye to mere photo Ko touch karo aur mere channel Ko❤️ subscribe karo support do support lo!!😘

  • Manaal Imran
    Manaal Imran

    Can you upload England vs Pakistan 3rd T20I which Pakistan won by 5 runs?

    • rrr N
      rrr N

      It was not uploaded yet .

    • Aditya Jadhav
      Aditya Jadhav

      Check it out, it maybe already uploaded

  • Haris Hussein
    Haris Hussein

    Very good chase that by Ireland.

  • Zulfiquer Rafique
    Zulfiquer Rafique

    It was rainy season not summer dumbas

  • cd n
    cd n

    That and and the 302 chase are one of my all time favorite chases in England.

    • Australia lover and supporter
      Australia lover and supporter

      303 * mate.

    • Australia lover and supporter
      Australia lover and supporter

      😚😚😚 not for only u for all Aussie fans mate just love to think that and to see the highlights of that 😘💛🇦🇺

  • Australia lover and supporter
    Australia lover and supporter

    In English summer, apart from Australia tour . For me the fascinating and amusing match was the second test of england vs west indies . Just loved that...

    • King Ahadi
      King Ahadi

      @Pravin SandkhoreIRELAND:371-5 ENGLAND:365-10

    • Pravin Sandkhore
      Pravin Sandkhore

      Before ireland chase 330 pluse in world cup..and also scotland chase 350 pluse vs eng😂

    • Aditya Jadhav
      Aditya Jadhav


  • Tamim Student
    Tamim Student

    🔉🔉You(without English) were supporting Ireland in this match.Am I right??

  • Beutiful TarbelaDam
    Beutiful TarbelaDam

    Great Team Irland

    • Shimul Mandal Pobon
      Shimul Mandal Pobon

      Afg is good

  • Q - series
    Q - series

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  • Q - series
    Q - series

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  • pancake Status
    pancake Status

    One of tha most talented bestman baber azam i love him❤

  • Wajeeh Siddiqui
    Wajeeh Siddiqui

    I loved that england cricket board uploaded a video of Ireland winning against England themselves. This shows thier support towards Ireland.

    • Moshiur Tonmoy
      Moshiur Tonmoy

      cz they're not indian

    • Rani kumari
      Rani kumari

      @Abdul Hafiz Pakistan bikhari hai

    • Rani kumari
      Rani kumari

      @Abdul Hafiz Pakistan ki aukad hi ye hai terror ka Adda ye aatankwadikya ka basera hai India ke samne khra hone ki aukad nahi

    • Abdul Hafiz
      Abdul Hafiz

      Whereas,,,, BCCI Has Deleted CT17 Final IND v PAK from INfun😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Rani kumari
      Rani kumari

      Bro you know who control Ireland

  • Anubhav Pandey
    Anubhav Pandey

    England is my favourite International team and Tom Curran my favourite player

    • Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa
      Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa

      @Sanyam Chhibber kya baqwas likhi ha

    • Sanyam Chhibber
      Sanyam Chhibber

      @Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa pkmkb

    • Sanyam Chhibber
      Sanyam Chhibber

      @Parthib Mukherjee yes indeed even the wall Rahul Dravid said he was scared of him and he faced the best bowlers

    • Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa
      Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa

      @Anubhav Pandey bharat Mata ki mother ko lol

    • Anubhav Pandey
      Anubhav Pandey

      @Burhan bajwa Burhan bajwa shut up

  • Bhat Aqib
    Bhat Aqib

    Big fan of England team

  • Ahmed sihab
    Ahmed sihab

    Omg andrew was so good player

  • b Vijay Krishna
    b Vijay Krishna

    Any cricket lovers hit a like

  • Ahmed sihab
    Ahmed sihab

    England=Eoin Morgan=like👍 Ireland=captin =comment

    • Sarthak singh
      Sarthak singh

      Andrew barbiene

    • OS Funny
      OS Funny

      @Srikanth sanaka I am know Morgan is irish

    • Srikanth sanaka
      Srikanth sanaka

      @OS Funny Morgan is Irish

    • OS Funny
      OS Funny


    • OS Funny
      OS Funny


  • Informative Pk TV
    Informative Pk TV

    Who love afridi❤

    • Anubhav Pandey
      Anubhav Pandey

      @Arnav 1309 website pe

    • Arnav 1309
      Arnav 1309

      @Anubhav Pandey tu ECB me mila tha mujhe😏

    • Arnav 1309
      Arnav 1309

      @Anubhav Pandey 😂😂 Afridi se jealous vo bhi hum😏

    • Anubhav Pandey
      Anubhav Pandey

      @Harilam Barilam shut up

    • Harilam Barilam
      Harilam Barilam

      Indians above me jealous of afridi as always

  • Kdr Ramesh
    Kdr Ramesh

    1K Support💪💪💪

  • Dr Zakir Naik Speeches
    Dr Zakir Naik Speeches

    Asslam o Allaikum Everyone Watch here Q&A Sessions

  • Ashrit Pani
    Ashrit Pani

    Is the best

  • Ashrit Pani
    Ashrit Pani


  • Muhammad Asif Khan
    Muhammad Asif Khan

    From pak🇵🇰 ❤️❤️

  • WILD lyrics
    WILD lyrics


  • Aarav Shah
    Aarav Shah

    Love cricket