Lancashire v Derbyshire | Davies Smashes 82 Before Close Finish! | Vitality Blast 2020 - Highlights
Alex Davies smashed 82 as Derbyshire came close to chasing down Lancashire's 178!
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  • Christopher King
    Christopher King

    Nice beamer.

  • Neels Gerber
    Neels Gerber

    Disrespectful towards the game of cricket to keep your cap on while bowling.....

  • CricBoy

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  • mohammed adam
    mohammed adam

    McKiernan has the most annoying bowling action

  • Sujan Kundaikar
    Sujan Kundaikar

    Looks like Steve Smith while batting

  • Manaal Imran
    Manaal Imran

    In these Cricket matches without crowd, Batsmen hitting sixes is a nightmare for fielders, Not because Their team is losing, Because they have go all the way to the seats

  • Marian Henry
    Marian Henry ඔහු බේසමට ඉහළින් ජනේලයෙන් ඔහුගේ පරාවර්තනය දෙස බැලීය ඔහු කොණ්ඩය හරහා විසිරුණු එක් අතක් ඇද ගත්තේය සමහර විට ඔහුට ස්නානය කිරීමට හෝ යමක් තිබිය යුතුය සෑම විටම පළමු මහලේ නාන කාමරය තිබුණි

  • Ahsan Bin Al Rahman From AirArabia
    Ahsan Bin Al Rahman From AirArabia

    7:16That is a glorious shot I miss Ab de villiers

  • Pes 2018
    Pes 2018

    1 Find Yourself

  • Pes 2018
    Pes 2018

    1 Find Yourself

  • Drop beats
    Drop beats

    Devies is so underated

  • Amul Rawal
    Amul Rawal

    Where is 3rd T20 highlights against Pakistan???

  • Ehsaan Ahmed
    Ehsaan Ahmed

    Can anyone tell me the name of song which is being played after every shot

  • Subhajit Seal
    Subhajit Seal

    With such high backlifts from croft, davies wonder how they would face boom boom bumrah 🔥🔥

  • GaganDeeP SingH
    GaganDeeP SingH

    New AB divillers

  • Asif Faruki
    Asif Faruki

    cam anyone tell me the name of the song played more often in the background??

  • Hardik Pandya fan page
    Hardik Pandya fan page

    Without crowd honestly it's disappointed to see matches.. How many of u think that i watch t20 match Bt without crowd it's look like a test match😔

  • Pranav Sadul
    Pranav Sadul

    I just love the sound of the bat echoing throughout the stadium.

  • Prabud N.
    Prabud N.

  • dhiraj

    Guys kon kon India se hai or kon kon England se hai fast comment

  • Aditya

    My school team was better than this. How unprofessional!

  • Sivaganesh Oduri
    Sivaganesh Oduri

    Please upload Kane Williamson 132 vs England 1st test Lord's 2015 century innings video please

  • Harsh Agarwal
    Harsh Agarwal

    3:38 what a dive

  • Inderjeet Singh
    Inderjeet Singh

    Now international cricket looks like domestic tournament..


    Quality highlights but not quality cricket. No international stars without them it's no more fun

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    3:25 and 3:30, Conners forgot how to play???😂😂🤣🤣 I am saying here, " Conners hide in corners of the stadium. Or else....🤣🤣🤣 Will for you. "

    • Shubham Pradhan
      Shubham Pradhan

      It's fine...cricketers always make mistake as their under pressure

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    5:35, Davies: Hey shake with me, Croft. Croft: No. Covid-19 Virus!!! 😬😬 Davies: 🤣🤣. No it's with legs!!! Croft:🤔🤔 oh... 😂😂😂

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior

    No score is actually safe in T20

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    Davies damaged Derbyshire!!! Croft claimed core of praises!!! Madsen madly played!!!😂😂 Crithley critically clashed for his team!!! At the end, Lancashire won!!!

  • Adithya Universal Studious
    Adithya Universal Studious


  • ItsJustTech

    3:25 ok but can we just appreciate that take for a second

    • Qweex Zeckz
      Qweex Zeckz

      Wat the take

  • Ovi Mannu
    Ovi Mannu Ek baar vedio ko deikh kr like karke bina subscribe kiye mat jaana😘😘❤️

  • Ovi Mannu
    Ovi Mannu Ek baar vedio ko deikh kr like karke bina subscribe kiye mat jaana😘😘❤️

  • Ovi Mannu
    Ovi Mannu Ek baar vedio ko deikh kr like karke bina subscribe kiye mat jaana😘😘❤️

  • Ovi Mannu
    Ovi Mannu Ek baar vedio ko deikh kr like karke bina subscribe kiye mat jaana😘😘❤️

  • Rojon Rojon
    Rojon Rojon

    Is this match 1 or 2?

  • shafiq soomro
    shafiq soomro

    English players are really good at playing spin

  • Leo Beveridge
    Leo Beveridge

    a number 9 would never hit a six of the last ball to win (flashbacks to 1970s Trevor Chapell)

  • Bilal Farhan
    Bilal Farhan

    Super batting 💪👌

  • Mojammal Cricketer
    Mojammal Cricketer

    England My Love

  • Babar Babar
    Babar Babar

    If you enjoy Lancashire vs Derbys = 1 like

  • Gipson Elkya
    Gipson Elkya

    Palayer salary

  • James Newhill
    James Newhill

    Lancs to win the blast 🌹

  • Koustubh Naik
    Koustubh Naik

    love t20 blast

  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan

    Best match of this season

  • Kevin Christopher Riemers
    Kevin Christopher Riemers

    Good match. County cricket is always great. Good cricket. On another note, England's ODI and T20I teams are well established. These players need some blinding performances to get recognized.



  • Mohd Yusuf
    Mohd Yusuf

    More match highlights uploaded

  • Mayur Suryawanshi
    Mayur Suryawanshi

    Entertaining match 👍

  • Burhan awais
    Burhan awais

    The umpire is so hesitating Every time he shake his head

  • Cricket Blitz
    Cricket Blitz

  • wunnell

    McKiernan looks like he's going to bowl left-arm orthodox as he runs in.

  • Cric Hut
    Cric Hut

    Wow this is awesome ! ECB kindly upload all vitality blast t20 highlights

  • Ashmeet Arora
    Ashmeet Arora

  • Thal Creations
    Thal Creations

    اگر آپ لوگ صرف دس سیکنڈ دیں تو میرے چینل کے سبسکرائبرز کی تعداد بڑھ سکتی ہے۔۔🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Gopal Das
    Gopal Das

    The Quality of cricket in England and Broadcasting it is too good,,,even the Clubs matches looks likes international ones...😎

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora


    Upload all'matches video

  • মেহেদী হাসান রাব্বি
    মেহেদী হাসান রাব্বি

    So excellent cricket match

  • Mohammad Ibrahim Khawaja
    Mohammad Ibrahim Khawaja

    Was this match today or when? plz reply

    • Muhammad Sheraz
      Muhammad Sheraz

      @Mohammad Ibrahim Khawaja yes

    • Mohammad Ibrahim Khawaja
      Mohammad Ibrahim Khawaja

      @Muhammad Sheraz Means yesterday?

    • Muhammad Sheraz
      Muhammad Sheraz


  • Virat Kohli
    Virat Kohli

    Today 👉eng vs pak 👉3rd t20 👉 10:30pm 👉 sony six 🙌🙌

  • Virat Kohli
    Virat Kohli

    Is davis bating is good Yes - like

  • Virat Kohli
    Virat Kohli

    Who waching with more exatment

  • Koustav Ghosh
    Koustav Ghosh

    #Ilovethisscoreboard 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • akhil tamse
    akhil tamse

    Superbbbb 💗💗💗💗💗💗

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • Markfed Badnagr
    Markfed Badnagr

    Literally the 1% people who's reading. May your parents live more than 100 year white good health ❤

  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    Channel - ECB Venue - Headingley Cricket Ground, Leeds Match : Lancashire Vs Derbyshire Viewers : 90% India 😂😂

    • Paulie Podcast
      Paulie Podcast

      And one Windi in Florida

  • Gamer Viking YT
    Gamer Viking YT

    Loved the slower ball in the last's so deceiving..😍😊

    • Gamer Viking YT
      Gamer Viking YT

      @Manmohan Money Only if you did not get deceived by it..

    • Manmohan Money
      Manmohan Money

      I could have hit it for 6 very easily 😅

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • Gamer saad
    Gamer saad Pakistani cricket team players 2020

  • Priyansh Chandra
    Priyansh Chandra

    Notts vs Yorkshire?

  • suresh bharvad
    suresh bharvad

    As an Indian, I cannot fail to admit. that guy..... that guy..... turned matches away from india by himself. I take my hat off in your respect for englend cricket team🙏

  • Allied TV
    Allied TV


    ""Literally 1% people who's reading this comment ,may your parents live more than 100 years with good health💛💛💛 "God bless you "❤️❤️.😀

    • Vinod Budwani
      Vinod Budwani

      Ye ab purana ho chuka hai chal nikal yah se

  • Md. Robiul Islam
    Md. Robiul Islam

    Missing the presence of Lovely English Crowd on the field 😍

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • thoufeeq ahamed
    thoufeeq ahamed

    3:03 Big six The Boss😎😎😎 😉😉😉😉😉


    Cricket quality is very good in England.

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • Arif Hussain Manhas
    Arif Hussain Manhas

    Eagerly waiting to watch Babar Azam batting in T20 blast

    • Muhammad Sheraz
      Muhammad Sheraz

      Me too



  • Himanshu Tiwari
    Himanshu Tiwari

    Feels like playing in the apocalypse

  • Sveera Mounika
    Sveera Mounika

    My request is that please post score card and man of the match

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan

    Vitalty blast - like Ipl - comments

  • Shafiq ullah
    Shafiq ullah

    Literally the only 1% of the peoples who are reading this comment May Allah bless your parents forever and May Allah bless them in heaven...

  • Desh Ki Mati
    Desh Ki Mati

    Jis kisi ko 5k subscribe chahiye to mere photo Ko touch karo aur mere channel Ko subscribe karo support do support lo 👍❤️😁

  • Sukesh karthekeya Manthri
    Sukesh karthekeya Manthri

    You never post about Joe Root. He scored 65 yesterday. Nottingham vs Yorkshire

  • M


  • Faizan Hussain
    Faizan Hussain

    He could ve put more power on that last shot it was going for a flat six

    • Adil Riaz
      Adil Riaz

      He was decieved

  • Ayush Choudhary
    Ayush Choudhary

    Davies has a different batting style 🥰🧐

  • SpÕRT's Sight
    SpÕRT's Sight

    LOVE England

  • Rahul Pal
    Rahul Pal


  • Chris

    Great game. Thanks for taking the INfun title recommendation on board. Really appreciate no spoilers.

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • theshek7

    Where can I watch this?

  • William Ollivant
    William Ollivant

    What an amazing experience that must have been for the Lancs players to be able to pretend to be Yorkshire for the day

    • M

      Winning at Headingley isn't for everyone 🌹

  • steven coker
    steven coker

    Lancashire are so underrated they are truly a topside the best with a lot of underrated players.

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh

    Very interesting game in the world

  • suhas bn
    suhas bn

    Derbyshire just gave it away in the end

  • Mohammed Arman
    Mohammed Arman

    If I was ever facing Barnes I'd probably miss every ball because I'd be too busy laughing at his grunt sound Also because I'm an atrocious batsman :p

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • Agastya Singh
    Agastya Singh

    Anyone notice how the first 10 overs are shown within a minute

    • Ashmeet Arora
      Ashmeet Arora

  • Simon Mahoney
    Simon Mahoney

    Better than the CPL

  • Cricketfan849

    T20s have the closest games

  • Oscar Siddle
    Oscar Siddle

    Croft has such an interesting bowling action, the balls seem to move through the air like it’s jelly

    • BIG BOSS 14
      BIG BOSS 14

      @ZEESHAN AHMAD Modi ji fallen down 😲🤣🤣


      Hey i have just uploaded a video about predetermined universe if ur curious about it do visit my channel once pls.

    • Arjun Jayakumar
      Arjun Jayakumar

      Didn't you see Indian player kedar Jadhev??????

    • Micro Apple
      Micro Apple

      watch swing bowling by this 9 yrs old kid.




    Why the f*ck I'm watching this