PAK 2019 vs SA 2017 vs AUS 2018 | Group C | Make Your Vote Count! | IT20 World Cup of Matches
With the 2020 IT20 World Cup postponed, we're bringing the competition to you with some classic matches! Have your say by voting for your favourite match to go through to the next round!
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  • Adnan Afzal
    Adnan Afzal

    My vote for pakistan

  • Aimal Nawaz
    Aimal Nawaz

    Pak vs eng

  • Real Assassins
    Real Assassins

    England vs pakistan

  • Zunera Ahsan
    Zunera Ahsan

    I vote Pakistan

  • Irfan Chattha
    Irfan Chattha

    pak vs eng

  • Sourav Singh
    Sourav Singh

    For me was B sa vs eng

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan

    Pakistan vs England

  • Iftikhar Malik
    Iftikhar Malik

    Eng Vs pak 19

  • Kamseen Kama
    Kamseen Kama


  • Mehtab Ali
    Mehtab Ali

    Pak Vs eng


    My vote england vs pakistan best match

  • Ch Tariq
    Ch Tariq

    England vs Pakistan

  • Umair Bokhari
    Umair Bokhari

    Pak vs England


    Pakistan vs england 💯💯

  • Shubhajit Sarkar IV J
    Shubhajit Sarkar IV J

    Devillers Hilarious 46 My Vote - Eng V Sa

  • Huzaifa Ali
    Huzaifa Ali

    Pak vs eng

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar

    Eng vs sa

  • mahroos rahman
    mahroos rahman

    south africa

  • Abdul Moeed
    Abdul Moeed

    Eng vs pak

  • Shumaila BADSHAH
    Shumaila BADSHAH

    Yes group c is good

  • Ashok Reddyy
    Ashok Reddyy

    I vote South Africa Vs England.... Y mean I love South Africa team..... 😍😍😍

  • udit Kalra
    udit Kalra

    Eng vs SA

  • Arsalan Bajwa
    Arsalan Bajwa

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 Vs South Africa 🇿🇦 January 2021... 2 Test... 3 T20 matches... South Africa 🇿🇦 coming to Pakistan 🇵🇰😎

  • Arsalan Bajwa
    Arsalan Bajwa

    Pakistan 🇵🇰😎 England 🇬🇧😎

  • Arsalan Bajwa
    Arsalan Bajwa

    Pakistan 🇵🇰😎💕

  • Umi ali
    Umi ali

    Eng vs pak and pakistan wins 👍

  • Sarmad Khan
    Sarmad Khan

    2015 world cup newzealand ka tha or 2019 me fave team eng thi but performance me india pakistan or newzeland ka chanse zyda tha

  • Hashim Sohail
    Hashim Sohail

    Pak vs eng

  • Luqman Rehan
    Luqman Rehan


  • Graphics Lab
    Graphics Lab

    Pak vs Eng

  • fazil me and my pet Ruby
    fazil me and my pet Ruby


  • Rahat Bhutto
    Rahat Bhutto

    Eng has best team of t20

  • Kamil Jilani
    Kamil Jilani

    7:32 Mr 360 Abd shot 🥰😘

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan

    My vote eng v pak both strong Team t20

  • Anirudh Varma
    Anirudh Varma

    england vs pakistan

  • Michael Rana
    Michael Rana

    Eng vs SA

  • NykeG Army
    NykeG Army

    Eng vs Pak


    Always Pakistan 🥰

  • Asma Abid
    Asma Abid


  • Ertugrul Ghazi
    Ertugrul Ghazi

    PAK vs Eng

  • FilMus Entertainment
    FilMus Entertainment

    SA vs ENG

  • Daan Musavi
    Daan Musavi

    Pak vs eng

  • muhammadjawad sheikh
    muhammadjawad sheikh

    My vote for pak vs eng final

  • Ahsan Anwaar
    Ahsan Anwaar

    Pak vs eng

  • Mohammed Umais Ahmed Yasmeen
    Mohammed Umais Ahmed Yasmeen

    Who love cricket please like

  • Sohaib Mughal
    Sohaib Mughal

    eng vs pak

  • NaeeM Jaan
    NaeeM Jaan

    My vote for Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Maaz Zubair
    Maaz Zubair


  • Ahmed hayat
    Ahmed hayat

    Eng vs Pak is my vote

  • Raja Usman
    Raja Usman

    Eng vs sa

  • Mohd Afzal
    Mohd Afzal

    Pakistan vs england

  • Mohammad Ahmad Asif/SICAS DHA
    Mohammad Ahmad Asif/SICAS DHA

    Pakistan vs England 2019, my vote !

  • Anamul Hossain Sabbir
    Anamul Hossain Sabbir

    Eng vs Pak from 🇧🇩🥰

  • Md. Shaheen Hossen
    Md. Shaheen Hossen

    pak vs Eng❤️❤️

  • Ubaid Iqbal
    Ubaid Iqbal

    Pakistan win

  • abdulbasitxhan blog.
    abdulbasitxhan blog.

    Pak vs eng 2019

  • Ahmed Tariq
    Ahmed Tariq

    Pakistan vs England.

  • Yousaf Khan
    Yousaf Khan

    Vote to Pakistan v eng❤️😘😘

  • infinity gamerz
    infinity gamerz

    Pakistan vs England What a match

  • Rashid Mahmood
    Rashid Mahmood


  • Talha malik
    Talha malik

    Pakistan vs eng

  • Jammy The Star
    Jammy The Star

    Nothing just other way if getting views 😑


    Eng vs south africa

  • sama I arshad
    sama I arshad

    England VS Pakistan.

  • Zamar Yawar
    Zamar Yawar

    Eng vs sa 2017

  • Abdullah Husain
    Abdullah Husain


  • aliyaan sir mansoor
    aliyaan sir mansoor

    Pak vs eng

  • Taha Khan
    Taha Khan

    SA vs Eng is the most thrilling one. Idk why people r voting for Pakistan's match when it isn't the best among given matches. Im from Pakistan but here we arent supposed to choose our country's match but rather the most thrilling match as an honest cricket fan.

  • Seith Umair
    Seith Umair


  • Zinnira Faizan
    Zinnira Faizan

    Pak vs eng

  • M.Omer Saeed
    M.Omer Saeed

    SA vs ENG by far


    Final india vs australia

  • Sufyan Shahid
    Sufyan Shahid

    My vote Pakistan vs England

  • Cricket 4 YØÜ
    Cricket 4 YØÜ

    Pak vs eng

  • Irfan Hashmi
    Irfan Hashmi

    TV Time changer. Friends Life changer. Pubg mobile Taste changer. Pak vs England mood changer.

  • MuHaMMaD SuLeHeeN ZaMaN
    MuHaMMaD SuLeHeeN ZaMaN

    England Vs South Africa

  • Swayam

    Aus vs Eng 2018

  • Bilal Bhai
    Bilal Bhai

    Pakistan vs England

  • Ayaan Iqbal
    Ayaan Iqbal

    Pakistan vs England

  • Freaky Trainer
    Freaky Trainer

    4:10 Somethings never changes in Pakistan

  • Shubham Tyagi
    Shubham Tyagi

    I will vote to England vs South Africa what a thrilling finish to the Game

  • Muhammad Rehan
    Muhammad Rehan

    Pak vs eng

  • U&U Vg
    U&U Vg

    England vs Pakistan! Love from pakistan 🇵🇰 ♥ ❤

  • MeloOmize Production
    MeloOmize Production


  • Syed Yasoob
    Syed Yasoob

    Pak vs eng

  • Jitendra Kumar
    Jitendra Kumar

    My vote for ❤️❤️ favorite Eng .Eng vs pak

  • Farid Bhisti
    Farid Bhisti

    England vs South Africa is very awesome and thriller match

  • hammad ur rehman
    hammad ur rehman

    pak vs eng

  • Abdullah Sibtain
    Abdullah Sibtain

    Pakistan vs england ❤️

  • Nighat Kalsoom
    Nighat Kalsoom

    Eng vs pakistan

  • Assass in
    Assass in


  • Asad Ullah
    Asad Ullah

    Pak vs Eng

  • Waqas Khalil
    Waqas Khalil

    My vote Pak vs eng

  • Muhammad humza
    Muhammad humza

    pak vs england

  • Asmat Ullah
    Asmat Ullah

    Baber azam

  • SUHAIB Shamim
    SUHAIB Shamim

    Pak v eng

  • Muhammad Muzammil
    Muhammad Muzammil

    Eng Vs Aus

  • mushtaq ahmed
    mushtaq ahmed

    Pak vs eng

  • rayyan khan
    rayyan khan

    pak vs aus and pak won it.What a match it would be

  • Abdul Mannan
    Abdul Mannan

    My vote Pakistan vs England brilliant effort both side..😇👍