Pakistan Tail Frustrate England On Day 2 | England v Pakistan 2nd Test Day 2 2020
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Watch the best moments from Day 2 of the 2nd Test between England and Pakistan at the Ageas Bowl.

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  • England & Wales Cricket Board
    England & Wales Cricket Board

    Watch extended highlights of today's play from Old Trafford at! 🏏

    • Gags Double J
      Gags Double J

      Excuse me Sir/Madam Are you saved? If you died tonight are you going to heaven? For god so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Jesus is King.

    • poojaa tiwaria
      poojaa tiwaria

      @Zain Shahzad कोरोना प्रोटोकॉल नही माना तो देना पड़ेगा जुर्माना🔰🔰

    • poojaa tiwaria
      poojaa tiwaria

      @Cricket Funny Review And Analysis कोरोना प्रोटोकॉल नही माना तो देना पड़ेगा जुर्माना🔰🔰

    • poojaa tiwaria
      poojaa tiwaria

      @Milon Afran कोरोना प्रोटोकॉल नही माना तो देना पड़ेगा जुर्माना🔰🔰

    • poojaa tiwaria
      poojaa tiwaria

      @Darren's General Info कोरोना प्रोटोकॉल नही माना तो देना पड़ेगा जुर्माना🔰🔰

  • hfkdj hdid
    hfkdj hdid


  • Leo Beveridge
    Leo Beveridge

    Ali always classy

  • monster muri
    monster muri

    I don't get why they stooped play because of bad light,when there is a lot of light.

  • karnafully ctg
    karnafully ctg

    Stuart Broad need more practice he is vanrable out side england?? We remember when stuart Broad concede 36 runs in single over in india. Uvraj was the batsman .


    England is cricket champion


    Love you broad

  • Dharma Rao
    Dharma Rao

    England bowler's to take 4 days to out rizwan

  • Leeroy C
    Leeroy C

    Jimmy (Only In England) Anderson

  • Andy Bradley
    Andy Bradley

    Hello to all you cricket fans all around the world and how are you all doing and This is What I can't stand they called it the England and Wales cricket bored but they Don't pick anyone from Wales why and why Don't the commentry called it down the middle but they Don't as you can see they all stick up for England even on sky sports they say England This and England that and at the end of day There other nations besides England you know

  • Andy Bradley
    Andy Bradley

    Hello to all you cricket fans all around the world and how are you all doing and This is I want to know they called it the England and Wales cricket bored but they Don't pick know 1 from Wales but why and why Don't the commentry call it right down the middle but they Don't

  • Raju vai
    Raju vai

    Vai day 3 kothay

  • Umair Aftab
    Umair Aftab

    This match was Rizwan vs England

  • Biswajeet Sahu
    Biswajeet Sahu Really really important

  • Ajay Verma
    Ajay Verma

    Where is day three highlights?

  • Prasoon Singh
    Prasoon Singh

    Porkistan nalla team hai

  • Prasoon Singh
    Prasoon Singh

    Pakistani nalla team hai.

  • Mr. R2L
    Mr. R2L

    মেজর সিনহার গাড়ী চালানো দেখে প্রধানমন্ত্রী নিজেই অবাক ভিডিও

  • Prashant chetthri
    Prashant chetthri

    Jamie Anderson since playing since I started watching television

  • Джонти Вики
    Джонти Вики

    Rain saves pakistan 😂😂

  • Limbaji Rathod
    Limbaji Rathod

    Match play or abounded please replay me

  • dee9ak

    All football World Cups henceforth should be hosted in England...not Cricket

  • Desa Bhakthan
    Desa Bhakthan

    superb batting !!


  • Shyam Rakesh
    Shyam Rakesh

    England still on top

  • Prashant Gayki
    Prashant Gayki

    I strongly feel that England can easily win all the remaining matches also against Pakistan.

  • Sumit Dutta
    Sumit Dutta

    Pakistan lodo khala

  • As you can see
    As you can see

    Every day 😬😬 rain delay

  • Alishba Nazeer
    Alishba Nazeer

    Brilliant rizwan and awesome batting by young man

  • Just Song
    Just Song

    the Legend MS Dhoni💥💥💥



  • Amaan ullha amaan ullah
    Amaan ullha amaan ullah

    How pakistan can bowl on these conditions 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sonu Thakur
    Sonu Thakur

  • Mohammad Zamin
    Mohammad Zamin

    This is really unfortunate..after losing the 1st Test Pakistan will not get a chance to win the series due to bad light and rain. Truly dispicable, Pakistan bowlers would be licking thier lips looking at these conditions but a draw is all but imminent now. Hopefully we can win the last Test match and draw the series though that is also unlikely due to rain.

  • umar farooq
    umar farooq live match

  • Moumita Haque Monesha
    Moumita Haque Monesha

    Love ♥️♥️♥️

  • Zain Sandu
    Zain Sandu

    Zxx . Byxx

  • Zain Sandu
    Zain Sandu


  • Akshay Bagal
    Akshay Bagal

    Eng vs terroristan nice match

    • Adeel Ahmed
      Adeel Ahmed


  • Muhammad Azam azam
    Muhammad Azam azam

    Sometimes I'm shocking Pakistan also playing test cricket 😂😂😂😂

  • mahesh thoutam
    mahesh thoutam

    More than highlights ..I like unbaised commentary

  • Robin punia
    Robin punia tribute to dhoni 😭

  • Doreen Achille
    Doreen Achille

    $60,000 I just received all thanks to mega point hackers for the western union hack found them on google 3days ago 🤗

  • Shahid Lakdawala
    Shahid Lakdawala


  • Matrimonio A & S
    Matrimonio A & S

  • Suddum Vili
    Suddum Vili

  • iCricketBoard

    Lofted Drives of Virat Kohli

  • Man goes weird
    Man goes weird

    Wasted the review on a tailender


    Stuart broad in playing with asthma, what a player he is

  • MiyaBhai Official
    MiyaBhai Official

    Pak English- well boyz cricket played😂😂

  • Shahid Lakdawala
    Shahid Lakdawala

    England third class country in cricket. Always rain problem. World cup 2019 rain . Not good place cricket in england

  • raja raju
    raja raju

    Rain rain rain... The word repeatedly in England.... As a cricket fan u cannot accept this..

  • fiddlestickz muzik
    fiddlestickz muzik

    Let's hope that umpire Kettleborough forgets to bring his light meter to the ground today, seriously what farce we can't watch these matches because of some clouds in the sky.. after all the massive effort by everyone involved umpire gets his red dick out. Unless it's pissin down raining, a plague of locusts or aliens finally land,.. then there's no reason to stop the game so often.

  • Babu Sahav
    Babu Sahav

    Very good news sr

  • sandeep repaswal
    sandeep repaswal

    babar azam was a best batsman for pakisthan team

    • sandeep repaswal
      sandeep repaswal


  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    virat kohli purpel cap in this ipl series

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    rcb in this ipl

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    stokes is a mostly player he is a my favroue player

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    babar azam is lmy favroute player in this series

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    babar azam hundereds in this series

  • Dan de Castro
    Dan de Castro

    Day 3 should get 4 hours play, from morning until around 3pm. Chance of draw is about 80% Each day, "luck of the draw" at what times it rains, no day will be dry.

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    pakistan win this series

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    pakistan win this eries

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    i am ig fan of babar azam

  • Nagesh Kumatkar
    Nagesh Kumatkar

    i am big fan of england

  • Dan de Castro
    Dan de Castro

    Lol plumb review 9th w

  • Jaat Bhai
    Jaat Bhai

    Brilliant knock from rizwan

  • Muhammad Anees
    Muhammad Anees

    Happy Independence day Pakistani

  • Raufuddin Moyal
    Raufuddin Moyal

    Rizwan playing our natural game

  • Ashish Sable
    Ashish Sable

    Amazing bowling

  • asif khan
    asif khan


  • Afifa Yousuf
    Afifa Yousuf

  • jagseer singh mccullum
    jagseer singh mccullum

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  • Social Tv
    Social Tv

    Good luck to both teams

  • Inderjeet Singh
    Inderjeet Singh

    Rizwan little bit like Kane Williamson...

  • umar khan
    umar khan

    A good bowling for and good batting rezwan

  • Hummad Iqbal
    Hummad Iqbal

    As far as any series or any ICC events , weather needs to properly predicted. England's weather normally hurts the game. Or ICC should make any policy where game should be started from where it was interrupted by Rain or Bad Light....

  • Khan Gamerz
    Khan Gamerz

    Inshallah Pak won but it's match going to draw😭let see what happens

  • Jitendra Solanki
    Jitendra Solanki


  • Boby Mishra
    Boby Mishra

    There are 3 teams in the match 1. Pakistan 2. England 3. Rain

  • sanjeet kumar
    sanjeet kumar

    After long time Pakistan 🇵🇰 got proper test wk batsman riz wan

  • Rajat Panda
    Rajat Panda

    Happy independence day 🇮🇳

  • Sannan Akbar
    Sannan Akbar

    Babar's didn't touch the bat, only clipped the pad

  • Syed Tafazzul
    Syed Tafazzul

    I am waiting for skipper root hundred common ladss

  • aqeel ahmad
    aqeel ahmad

    Binod dekhney ke liye link open karey :-

  • Rais Ahmad
    Rais Ahmad

    Yuvraj Singh ne broad ko6 sixes lagaya tha.lekin broad ne hard work kiya .aur aaj great bowler ban gaya.

  • Vinod Kumar
    Vinod Kumar

    Its the Wicket keeper batsman with the Tail dr. Eng. Cricket,, nt just Tail frustrating.. by the way Rain and Light were frustrating more

  • Desh Ki Mati
    Desh Ki Mati

    Jis kisi ko 5k subscribe chahiye to mere photo Ko teach karo aur mere channel Ko subscribe karo support do support lo ji..

  • g krishna
    g krishna

    pak batsmans dirty playing

  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    There are 4 teams in this match : 1) England 2) Pakistan 3) Rain 4) Bad light 😂😂😂

    • Muhammad Amir Khan
      Muhammad Amir Khan

      I can you forget Richard.!!!!!

    • It's Saad
      It's Saad

      @Pallab Saha covid?

    • Pallab Saha
      Pallab Saha

      You forgot the fifth and most important one - Wuhan Virus.

    • Nadir saba
      Nadir saba

  • Tricks and Tips For Life
    Tricks and Tips For Life

    Rizwan Playing Really Good Cricket But England Is In Game How Rizwan Convert Its 50 Into 100

  • Debesh Kumar
    Debesh Kumar

    Babar azam looks so stylish with those flicks. I hope he scores big soon. He is a treat to the eyes. 👌👌👌

  • Anirudha Poul
    Anirudha Poul

    happy independence day to all of you ... 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • nithishwar mm
    nithishwar mm

    I think so this match will draw

  • Pendle Lancashire
    Pendle Lancashire

    *Abhinandan is drinking tea whilst watching this test match.*

  • Sahil Deshmukh
    Sahil Deshmukh

    2:17 akshay Kumar laughing in background.

  • Pendle Lancashire
    Pendle Lancashire

    *India the sore losers of cricket and war.*

  • Pendle Lancashire
    Pendle Lancashire

    *India the dirty gambling cheats of cricket.*

  • Pendle Lancashire
    Pendle Lancashire

    *Around 4 Pak batsmen lost their wickets in a silly manner. Have your wits about lads.*

  • jeevan neupane
    jeevan neupane