Surrey v Middlesex | Foakes Impresses in Low-Scoring Thriller | Vitality Blast 2020 Highlights
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Ben Foakes led Surrey with an unbeaten 50 at the Oval.
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  • niranjan kumar
    niranjan kumar

    England has too good problems at the moment all the wicketkeeper batsman all performing well...

  • niranjan kumar
    niranjan kumar

    is Gareth batty unwell???or is he bowling to his grandma...??

  • Md Habib
    Md Habib

    Two English club is playing and Indians are commenting😀😬😁... It shows the popularity of cricket😜😜😜 in England

  • Raja Hassan
    Raja Hassan

    Ben Foakes timing and the sound of the bat, just awesome.

  • Sajjadur Rafat
    Sajjadur Rafat

    how old is Gareth Batty?! 😳😳😳

  • Sanket Khamkar
    Sanket Khamkar

    Don't why they left out foakes after his good performance also.

  • hannibalking86


  • Mayank Awasthi
    Mayank Awasthi

    Thriller 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ganja phuke ho be kya tm log

  • THe CorNer
    THe CorNer

    2 from 12 and u say it thriller so what u think about nidhas trophy final vs Bangladesh... .😂😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Adnan
    Muhammad Adnan

    Kya thriller match haaaaa What a joke

  • Kanchan parte Parte
    Kanchan parte Parte

    Foakes sir batting osm Love for india

  • Rubal Singh
    Rubal Singh

    What a thriller game !! Thriller game of cricket ever

  • Kamlesh Jatt
    Kamlesh Jatt

    2:37 😂😂😂😂

  • Arun Jain
    Arun Jain

    One of the best umpire

  • cricket news
    cricket news

  • cricket news
    cricket news

  • cricket news
    cricket news

  • shahrukh riyan
    shahrukh riyan

    I was waiting for thrill till the last run scored

  • Tejas Surve
    Tejas Surve

    I am completely thrilled now. 😉😝😜

  • Brij Sharma
    Brij Sharma

    This cricket match is England's thriller

  • JoeGeo Tube
    JoeGeo Tube

    Foakes batting style reminds me of Smith!

  • khesari Lal Yadav channel
    khesari Lal Yadav channel

  • mujahid saleem
    mujahid saleem

    Cant understand Amla is playing there & he is mentor in PSL Peshawar zalmi🇵🇰

  • srikanth danam
    srikanth danam

    wtf amla doing here why isn't he playing ipl?

  • srikanth danam
    srikanth danam

    feel like watching stick cricket


    Foakes should be in England team.

  • Mahesh Raj
    Mahesh Raj

    Poor match

  • Zeeshan Malik
    Zeeshan Malik

    Literally 1% People Who is Reading This May Your Parents live more then 100 years Healthy Life And God Bless You.!!

  • Tanbir NR
    Tanbir NR

    England Vitality Blast Jerseys are better than IPL.Because this comment sponsored by Vimal Pan Masala...

  • Anirban Roy
    Anirban Roy

    just to see AMLA

  • Phanisurya Bathula
    Phanisurya Bathula

    He should be part of ongoing t20i series


      In place of Buttler??? lol.

  • Sachu Udayakumar
    Sachu Udayakumar




  • Anonymous 123
    Anonymous 123

    Can someone tell the name of music at 2:30

    • Anonymous 123
      Anonymous 123

      @Joseph Rodrigo no dude that's not the music i asked for

  • Muqeet Wallana
    Muqeet Wallana

    Glad to see Amla

  • ASLE Andere
    ASLE Andere

    When are we going to see Ben Foakes in the England white ball side?

  • Cliff Burton
    Cliff Burton

    Foakes looks absolutely class with the bat and he’s by far the best wk in the country. Nothing against buttler but come on, foakes for wk in the test side is an absolute no-brainer. Perhaps buttler could play as a specialist batsmen/tactician too since there’s hardly much batting competition anyway.

    • a

      He was dropped from the team after the Windies tour where he struggled with the bounce. Also, Buttler has more experience keeping on the turners in the subcontinent, which means he is the first choice keeper. With the India tour coming up, I don't think they will pick someone who has basically no experience, especially against a team of India's quality. If Buttler is able to mantain his form, then it's a no-brainer.

  • Jagadeesh Vikram C
    Jagadeesh Vikram C

    It's so Good to see the fabulous stroke play from Foakes.. Much Composed Class Act, Great win for my All time favourite english team... 👌👏❤️💐🙏

  • Honey Money
    Honey Money

    #Cricketinromania for upcoming T10 ECS series!!!

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran Why people hate dhoni click the link to know

  • Amir Akhlaq
    Amir Akhlaq

    Foakes look like a Dhoni❤😎💯

  • go Live
    go Live |kafan chor ki kahani|Shroud of thief

  • Ranjeet kotarya
    Ranjeet kotarya

    Can somebody tell me the name of commentator name at 2:08, i think his name starts with A but don't know his full name.

    • Ranjeet kotarya
      Ranjeet kotarya

      @Greg Edwards thanks buddy.

    • Greg Edwards
      Greg Edwards

      Mark Butcher

  • Rojon Rojon
    Rojon Rojon

    Where is the Essex vs Kent match highlights????

  • Rana Hassan Naeem
    Rana Hassan Naeem

  • Mahesh Gaur
    Mahesh Gaur

    My gully team play spin better than these players

    • Mahesh Gaur
      Mahesh Gaur

      Looks like you also can't handle googly 😂😂 chill mate... I said it right they had no clue where was ball going...

  • KnowledgeEmpowers

    These matches are far better than International T20

    • Cliff Burton
      Cliff Burton

      How are you posting this just a day after that first Eng v Aus T20??!

  • Mycreation4you

    Play Like Storm 🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️ 👇👇 👇

  • Dillon Navurunnage
    Dillon Navurunnage

    How is this a thriller?

  • Rana Hassan Naeem
    Rana Hassan Naeem

  • DaNiTh PoOrNa
    DaNiTh PoOrNa

    too many ads

  • Kevin Christopher Riemers
    Kevin Christopher Riemers

    Fantastic partnership from 23/4...could have gone either way.

  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    Waiting for england vs australia 2nd t20 😍😍😍

  • Danger media
    Danger media

    *That* *random* *person,,,"who* *liked* 😭😭 *my* *comments"🙏I pray* " *may* *you* *and* *your* *parents* *live* *more* *than* *100* *years* ❤️❤️🧡

    • Abdul rehman Hameed
      Abdul rehman Hameed


  • matthew


  • sofia rafi
    sofia rafi

    It is not easy to make runs in a stadium for any of us

  • Abhinayan Gajirel Sharmah
    Abhinayan Gajirel Sharmah

    Awesome match also watch more exciting videos on my channel #thehistoryrepeaters

  • Jayant Pandey
    Jayant Pandey

    Who's waiting for ipl

  • Sakshi Singh VI A
    Sakshi Singh VI A

    Very poor bowling from middlesex. All balls were shortpitched.

  • Passion For Cricket
    Passion For Cricket

    🏏Shots.. Wickets ... Nice

  • Sher Islam Khan
    Sher Islam Khan

    What's thriller ? 😂 Hahahahaha... 😵

  • Nihar Ranjan Das
    Nihar Ranjan Das

    The pleasant sound when the ball hits d bat is exactly similarly to BBL but in IPL why it's different I don't know🤔


    I don't want to speak bad words here is this a thriller😠😡 I came here by seeing the thumb nail but I was frustrated after seeing the full match


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  • Ak Gh
    Ak Gh

    Plz upload the highlights of the match between Kent Vs Essex...

  • Pranjay Varshney
    Pranjay Varshney

    Ha bhai itna bada thriller dekh ke abhi tak kaanp raha hu.. hosh hi ud gye mere to

  • Ikram Tech
    Ikram Tech

    Cricket kon kon dekh raha he Like maro

  • The hidden one
    The hidden one

    This matches are so underatted don forgot to see my name

    • CheeseMcCheese

      it's spelt videos

  • Samir Tutorials
    Samir Tutorials

    Nice .... Fabulous.... Outstanding...😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💪💪💪💪💪


    ""Those who are reading this comment may your parents live more than 100 years with good health 💛💛💛💛💛

    • Shreekanth M
      Shreekanth M

      I want to live with you life long😅 but it's not possible know😎

  • SØS令Hสrรђ

    Laude ka thriller🤣

  • Shinod BM
    Shinod BM

    Where's the thrill in the thriller? 🙄

    • V Family
      V Family

      You Indians don't understand, do you?

    • Santhosh 18
      Santhosh 18

      Yes , ntng trill here , just batsman threw away their wicket easily and poor bowling at the end 🤧

    • 8tr Tilakwww
      8tr Tilakwww


    • Esa Imran
      Esa Imran

      Before the er

  • Desh Ki Mati
    Desh Ki Mati

    Jis kisi ko 5k subscribe chahiye to mere photo Ko touch karo aur mere channel Ko subscribe karo support do support lo ❤️🙄👍

  • Syed Rashid Ali
    Syed Rashid Ali

    Thriller 😂

    • Acoustic Jamming
      Acoustic Jamming The most underrated cover of sushanth Singh rajput

  • Kader Abdul
    Kader Abdul

    Foakes batting is more similar to Steven Smith🔥🔥

  • Biopics 123
    Biopics 123

    If you like actress then subscribe....

  • Mojammal Cricketer
    Mojammal Cricketer

    England My Love 2nd Like Here England vs Australia 2020


    All batsmen are looking in some kind of hurry

  • Dr NidaKhan
    Dr NidaKhan


    • Dr NidaKhan
      Dr NidaKhan

      @Sana Asif 😑😑

    • Sana Asif
      Sana Asif

      Hi 👋

  • Sonchhatra Dipesh
    Sonchhatra Dipesh

    Such a thriller isn't it ? I never seen any thrilling match like this 😁

  • Dharmander Passwan
    Dharmander Passwan

    Mujh jaise garib singar ko sport kare chanal ko sabscraib kare

  • Mohd Sharique
    Mohd Sharique

  • yashvardhan goyal
    yashvardhan goyal

    Wow!!!!!! What a Thrilling Match, The WC Final Was Nothing in Front of This

    • Sourav Ghosh
      Sourav Ghosh

      @Unthought Known that may be right but as soon I read that my mind went bang

    • Unthought Known
      Unthought Known

      @Sourav Ghosh I think he is being sarcastic

    • Sourav Ghosh
      Sourav Ghosh

      r u crazy

  • rohaan mustafa
    rohaan mustafa

    2 runs required of 12 bals ecb : thriller

    • Warren Capes
      Warren Capes

      @Kalpana Sinha so in your illogical thinking you pretty much saying, score 200 bowl out the opposition for 50 is also a thriller - a thriller is something that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end - as per wikipedia and dictionary in general - a thriller : "giving viewers heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation and anxiety" - dipshit

    • Kalpana Sinha
      Kalpana Sinha

      @Warren Capes O hello thrillers are not only that goes to last ball or over. Wait then why do you call australia vs england ashes match in which ben stokes scored 135 a thriller there where 17 overs left.

    • Warren Capes
      Warren Capes

      @Kalpana Sinha seriously you must be joking, o, wait u r

    • Kalpana Sinha
      Kalpana Sinha

      It was thriller because Surrey lost quick wickets

    • sofia rafi
      sofia rafi

      Yes you are right

  • kinggimped

    The speed the ball was coming off Foakes' bat... some superb timing, made everyone else look very ordinary indeed. Cracking keeper, too. Get this man back in an England shirt

    • JS51B

      @kinggimped on billings current form so would I!

    • kinggimped

      @JS51B I'd definitely have him in the ODI team ahead of Billings. Billings has had his chances, give Foakes a crack!


      @a Buttler's batting skills balance for his average keeping. England won the first test match only because of Buttler and Woakes. He also scored a century in the next match. Ollie Pope's performance was below average.

    • a

      @JS51B Keep his place in which team? As far as the white-ball team goes, he's in the form of his life. For the test team, he had that one bad match with the gloves, otherwise he was fine, and he took that stunner off of Broad. If a player has one bad match, but is then the best batsman in the team for the summer, does it warrant a drop? And for that matter, Foakes hasn't been any better either, he averaged 25-odd in the championship last year. In the Bob Willis trophy, he has one century. If that century brings him an England call up, then Buttler's century should keep him in the team.

    • Ben Carter
      Ben Carter

      @JS51B we need 5 bowlers so if Stokes isnt ready we'll have to play another bowler not another batsman

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan

    Vitalty blast - like Ipl - comments

    • Ankush Parmar
      Ankush Parmar


    • Ragavan K
      Ragavan K


    • Kshitij Bhardwaj
      Kshitij Bhardwaj


    • proborr Chakraborty
      proborr Chakraborty


    • suryansh top facts
      suryansh top facts


  • SniperNaim

    To the 1%seeing this Have a GREAT day and remember that hope is in OUR hands and if we want to be happy, then we can CHOOSE to be happy! Btw don't let others push you back from doing what you love or want to accomplish! Btw small INfunr looking for support. . You're amazing stay blessed,stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day😍.mh

  • Bilal Siddiqui
    Bilal Siddiqui

    Am I only one who thought there is kamran akmal in thumbnail?

  • Denver Gregory
    Denver Gregory

    2:50 "Gareth, village 😂"

    • Anurag Srivastava
      Anurag Srivastava

      @Denver Gregory yeah, I also didn't got it

    • Denver Gregory
      Denver Gregory

      @mmmyeah7 what he said 😂

    • mmmyeah7

      He was implying that gareth or someone said thats village as to say the standard of the delivery was very poor and a rank long hop haha

    • Pallavi kulkarni
      Pallavi kulkarni

      @Anurag Srivastava yes

    • Anurag Srivastava
      Anurag Srivastava


  • Chida Mukkati
    Chida Mukkati

    which part is the thriller?

  • M

    Foakes is a joy to watch. His strokeplay is majestic and his glove work by far the best in England.

    • Callum Solway
      Callum Solway

      @M hmm not sure about that

    • M

      @Callum Solway Isn't fit to lace Buttler's boots. Has serious technical issues that need addressing

    • Callum Solway
      Callum Solway

      @M Not rlly he might not be in form right now but the world cup and odi's before. Example 481 nwr against Australia. He is just on a bad run he's still a class bat

    • Callum Solway
      Callum Solway

      @Ben Carter to right

    • M

      @Ben Carter Forget Bairstow, he's useless.

  • Ahmed Bhalli
    Ahmed Bhalli

    Super match

  • Oli H
    Oli H

    Two team that have been badly affected by the England bubble selection, so it was great to see an entertaining game! (And a Surrey win!)

    • mian faisal
      mian faisal


  • cric guruji
    cric guruji

    Ben foakes and sowter❤️

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    The foakes fan club will want him instead of buttler in 2020s now

    • Ollie Matthews
      Ollie Matthews

      this didnt age well

    • Cricketfan849

      As a fan of foakes , buttler still definitely has to be picked before foakes

  • Jack Darby
    Jack Darby

    Who's the off spinner Will jacks?

    • Jack Darby
      Jack Darby

      @Alexander Allsop Yeah I just looked him. I was thinking bowler. I'm surprised he's not a renowned bowler? He spun one miles then the other one skitted on..

    • Alexander Allsop
      Alexander Allsop

      He’s a batter who bowls part time he scored the quickest hundred ever in a friendly

  • Cricketfan849

    Foakes is now performing . Needs to be thought of a recall back to England side

    • Click Clips
      Click Clips

      A good batter and keeper but not as good as Jos

  • Punk Rock
    Punk Rock

    Too much clickbait

  • Batting All_Rounder
    Batting All_Rounder

    Is that thriller???

    • Batting All_Rounder
      Batting All_Rounder

      @Hyper Nova thanks✌️

    • Hyper Nova
      Hyper Nova

      @Batting All_Rounder I do respect your opinion though

    • Batting All_Rounder
      Batting All_Rounder

      @Hyper Nova we are not saying this. bro thriller is somehow a drama or nailbitting match not exactly what you said

    • Hyper Nova
      Hyper Nova

      So according to you thriller is that which goes to the last ball....Acc to me it's a match in which both teams perform well.....and the score was that's indeed a thriller

    • Batting All_Rounder
      Batting All_Rounder

      @Cricketfan849 yes you are absolutely right bro we can't say this a thriller 😂🤣😂😁😁😁😂👍✌️

  • JE 77
    JE 77

    What’s the name of the song they play after wickets

    • William Foster
      William Foster

      Woo hoo

    • Cricketfan849


  • Pax R
    Pax R

    Interesting game