Unbelievable England, India & Pakistan Face-off! | Semi-Final | T20 World Cup of Matches
With the 2020 IT20 World Cup postponed, we're bringing the competition to you with some classic matches! Have your say by voting in the comments for your favourite match to go through to the final! ⬇️
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  • England & Wales Cricket Board
    England & Wales Cricket Board

    It's time to vote for the match you want to see *extended highlights* of in the final! 🤔Ready, set, *GO!* 🚦

    • Nauman Haider
      Nauman Haider

      Eng Vs pak

    • Azeem Khan
      Azeem Khan

      pak vs eng

    • juniad Khan
      juniad Khan

      Eng vs pak

    • Tourism Pakistan SK
      Tourism Pakistan SK


    • Hruthwik Kotian
      Hruthwik Kotian

      Okie ball tracking in line......I can see clearly Pakistanis here everywhere....... Impact in line Its clear OUT

  • Shivam Kushwaha
    Shivam Kushwaha

    Bsdk kuch bhi


    Pakistan and England great match

  • Bhushan C
    Bhushan C

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  • Tricky Videos
    Tricky Videos

    My vote : Pak vs Eng

  • DrMohib ullah
    DrMohib ullah

    Eng vs pak

  • Biwek Upadhyay
    Biwek Upadhyay

    Dhoni first makes jadeja run out ,,then hit two boundaries ,,and a single in 5th ball ,, so that rayadu faces the last one ,,

  • Omar Faizi
    Omar Faizi

    England vs Pakistan

  • Talib Siddiqui
    Talib Siddiqui

    India always..

  • ziki cric
    ziki cric

    eng vs pakistan

  • Ayush Uniyal
    Ayush Uniyal

    Bhai pakistan ki team jaise chilaa rahi hai apne bachpan ke din yaad aagye

  • juniad Khan
    juniad Khan

    Eng vs pak play in Pakistan

  • Moeez Business
    Moeez Business


  • MajiD Maji
    MajiD Maji

    Ind v pak

  • Hardeep Kumar
    Hardeep Kumar

    India played 2014 T20 semifinal with South Africa,not with England and India loose in final with Sri Lanka

  • F.F


  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar

    Dhoni's oversmartness shattered the dream of win against england.why didn't he run for single in 5th ball of last over and rayudu would have be on strike to play the last ball.All we know Raydu is a good batsman perhaps he will be able to hit those 5 runs in last ball and india would be won the match,but Dhoni can't be let it happen.Dhoni doesn't believe the ability of his own player,such a bad leadership quality from Dhoni is often seen on a few matches,where he doesn't give value to the ability of other player and valued his ability most to the others and eventually india lost the match.

  • Umer Ansari
    Umer Ansari

    Ind vs pak

  • asadullahsajid 1074
    asadullahsajid 1074

    Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰❤️ vs England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Sourav Mallick
    Sourav Mallick

    Over confidence by dhoni cost the match..


    Bhok hola talli me🤙

  • Husnain Ali Butt
    Husnain Ali Butt

    Pakistan vs England 3rd t20

  • faizan Javed
    faizan Javed

    Pakistan vs India


    Ind vs pak 😂😂😂😂

  • Badar khan Baloxh
    Badar khan Baloxh

    Sarfraz Ahmad is hero Good captain 😘

  • Saurabh Kesarwani
    Saurabh Kesarwani

    IND vs eng

  • Hamza Fayyaz
    Hamza Fayyaz

    Pakistan win

  • Prasanth Ganesan
    Prasanth Ganesan

    In the india match, the game was alive till the last ball. But that wasn't the case during the Pakistan match.

  • gaming channel free fire
    gaming channel free fire


  • Nadeem Nabi
    Nadeem Nabi

    Pak vs England

  • Haroon Butt
    Haroon Butt

    Uuuuhooooo PAKISTAN Wins......India Loser 🤣🤣🤣

  • Osama Jutt
    Osama Jutt


  • ZH bhai
    ZH bhai

    Pak vs Ind

  • Dk student
    Dk student


  • unparh 22
    unparh 22


  • Usman Gamerz
    Usman Gamerz

    Pakistan ❤❤❤

  • Usman Gamerz
    Usman Gamerz

    Pakistan ❤❤❤

  • Tera Akr
    Tera Akr

    India vs England Pakistan की अम्मा का bhosda

  • cricket 360' 3M
    cricket 360' 3M



    India ❤❤❤❤

  • Zaryab Khan ZK
    Zaryab Khan ZK

    Pakistan vs England

  • Bass Eee
    Bass Eee

    England vs pakistan was interesting

  • sameed rashid
    sameed rashid

    Pakistan vs England

  • Deep Yorker
    Deep Yorker

    Ground was the worst i haver seen

  • Sahil Verma
    Sahil Verma

    Hey man pak v eng match its jst a latest pak tour of england t20 series last match.... Not a world cup match before this match pak almost loose 2 T20 matches nd almost loose series 2-1 against england nd 3rd T20 match pak wins behalf of his most oldest senior player mohammad hafeez 40...😊😊👏👏🍬🍬🌋🌋

  • zaki gilani
    zaki gilani

    Ind vs eng

  • roastingkhabadshah malik
    roastingkhabadshah malik

    Please stop divide and rule policy Pakistan and Indian loves each other

  • Ebran Ansari
    Ebran Ansari

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  • Ashraf Mughal
    Ashraf Mughal


  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan

    Pak vs eng

  • adnanahmadfarooqi


    • RUNNER 626
      RUNNER 626

      allah hi*jraa 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gamers Duniya
    Gamers Duniya


  • Muhammad Nauman
    Muhammad Nauman

    Pakistan vs England

  • Waheedrind Waheedrind
    Waheedrind Waheedrind

    Hoping for pak vs eng series in pakistan soon

  • Waheedrind Waheedrind
    Waheedrind Waheedrind

    Eng vs pak favorate

  • Ali Alwani
    Ali Alwani

    Pak vs england

  • Muhammad Talha Aslam
    Muhammad Talha Aslam

    pak vs england

  • Fawaad A Khan
    Fawaad A Khan

    Pak vs Eng 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ritu kumar
    Ritu kumar

    Gotta admit pakistan played reallyyyyy.... Gooddd..

  • RK Record
    RK Record

    2014 india tour englend

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz

    Ind vs pak

  • raees warsi
    raees warsi


  • Raj Sharma
    Raj Sharma

    India ❤️

  • Far Rukh Malik
    Far Rukh Malik

    Eng vs pak That was amazing one👌👌

  • PAK Time's
    PAK Time's

    My Vote Pak vs Eng What a match

  • Nawaf Mudassar
    Nawaf Mudassar

    Pakistan vs England Haider ali ❤❤

  • Sheikh Umar
    Sheikh Umar

    Pakistan vs England

  • M. Amir
    M. Amir

    Pakistan good team england condition

  • Bkg Gaming
    Bkg Gaming

    My vote eng vs ind

  • Rayyan Akber
    Rayyan Akber

    England vs Pakistan 3rd t20i

  • Usman Danger
    Usman Danger

    I love you Pakistan

  • Rana Nouman
    Rana Nouman

    That's what we say that Pakistan is much better than India as shown in this video of ECB 😅

  • Pralhad Ingole
    Pralhad Ingole

    Pakistan is the winner

  • Mohammed Saif al Mohammad Saif al
    Mohammed Saif al Mohammad Saif al


  • Hamza Mobeen
    Hamza Mobeen

    Pak vs england

  • Ali Abbasi
    Ali Abbasi

    Pak vs Eng

  • MT gaming
    MT gaming

    Pakistan vs england

  • MT gaming
    MT gaming

    Pakistan vs england

  • Jubaer Ahmed
    Jubaer Ahmed

    Pakistan best then India

  • Irfan Chattha
    Irfan Chattha

    pak vs eng

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan

    Pakistan vs England best match

  • Md Mizanur Rahaman
    Md Mizanur Rahaman

    Dhoni the finisher😂😂... 2 ball and 5 needed. Ind loose by 3 runs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. What a finisher👍

    • RUNNER 626
      RUNNER 626

      first defeat zimbabwe

  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali

    england vs PAKISTAN

  • Parwez Shamshi
    Parwez Shamshi

    Abe sale ye series hai thik

  • Mohsin iftikhar
    Mohsin iftikhar

    Pak vs England...

  • AKS SwaTi
    AKS SwaTi


  • Faisal Wains
    Faisal Wains


  • Aslam 2727
    Aslam 2727


  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza

    Pak vs Eng

  • Sportz Tv
    Sportz Tv

    Who is here after m Amir Retirement 👇❤️

  • Sportz Tv
    Sportz Tv

    Mohammad Amir Retirement infun.info/http/v-iy/lHd8cn1_s52mmdk.html

  • Kamran Gopayra
    Kamran Gopayra

    Pakistan vs England

  • Atif Aslam song
    Atif Aslam song

    Pak vs eng inshallah

  • Atif Aslam song
    Atif Aslam song


  • J͙ø͙ K͙ë͙R͙
    J͙ø͙ K͙ë͙R͙

    Pakistan 😘😘😘

  • Hasnain Junejo
    Hasnain Junejo

    India Vs Pakistan

  • Vishnu

    India vs Pakistan only for

  • fairoz farooq
    fairoz farooq

    Pak vs Eng 3rd T20 2020

  • Mariam Ather
    Mariam Ather

    England vs Pakistan 2020

  • Ibrahim Tanveer
    Ibrahim Tanveer

    Pakistan vs England ♣️